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Jun 28 2022

SecondLive Project Review

Jun 28 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  3d reviews virtual reality

The metaverse ecosystem continues to grow exponentially, attracting the attention of enthusiasts worldwide. In line with this, SecondLive, a unique 3D virtual game, introduces a new way to explore the metaverse. The virtual game also provides its users with the opportunity to become a unique virtual avatar. With the avatar, users will be able to take part in many activities in different spaces....

Oct 29 2021

Discover Meta, Facebook’s 3D Metaverse

Oct 29 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  3d cryptocurrency news facebook metaverse

The news was an open secret that only needed to be made official until it finally arrived on October 28th. Facebook has taken the first step in the massive introduction of the term "metaverse," and in this article, we will introduce it. But first, let's quickly define what is precisely a metaverse to see how Facebook, now...

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