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Aug 06 2021

Jul 28 2021

Jun 02 2021

3 Reasons why AAVE is a GOOD Investment

Traditional finance is prone to faults and errors. The Gamestop scandal was the perfect example of why people are looking for decentralized alternatives. The DeFi space bridges how people perceive finance and give more power to small-time users. Aave DeFi managed to gain popularity and prove to be a solid platform. From a good-looking platform to good yield returns...it seems...

May 02 2021

AAVE Price Analysis: AAVE Breaks 3 Month Trend As Price Eyes New High

AAVE price has been consolidating for nearly a month Price broke out of major resistance Bullish inverse head & shoulders pattern AAVE has been in a sideways slumber the last 3 months...

Mar 01 2021

Aave shoots 20% – Is this DeFi project worth it?

After the rain, here comes the rainbow. The cryptocurrency market has been bleeding for the past week, and today marked the first green day. In the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market is up so far by 8.6%. Among those coins is Aave, which represents a very promising DeFi project. What is...

Oct 07 2020

Aave Price Forecast: LEND falls like deadweight as DeFi projects bleed

Aave breakdown from the all-time high at $0.9 continues amid a search for formidable support. Short-term support is envisaged at $0.4, but losses to $0.2 are not out of the picture yet. The...

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