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Nov 20 2020

Blockchain in Retail Vol.3: Agriculture and Food Industry

Whenever somebody starts to get into the world of decentralization and cryptocurrencies, the first question that comes to mind is: how can we use blockchain in our real lives? We’ve already told you how blockchain can improve the healthcare industry and wearable markets. This...

Nov 06 2020

Blockchain in Retail Vol.2: Healthcare

This year has shown us the importance of keeping a sound mind in a sound body. Healthcare is literally a vital part of our lives. As we know, blockchain technology is being actively implemented in different spheres of the real world – from finances (DeFi, banking) to the fashion and agriculture sectors. Changelly continues to provide a series of articles about how blockchain...

Oct 22 2020

Blockchain in Retail Vol.1: Wearable Markets

The blockchain industry is developing rapidly, bringing long-awaited solutions not only to the crypto community but also to regular users. Every digital media outlet claims blockchain to be a transparent digital system, which is aimed at providing trust between a decentralized network and end-users while excluding the intervention of a third party to a transaction process. Changelly is going to provide a series...

Oct 14 2020

Bitcoin Adoption Survey Aligns with Post-Corona Trends

Imagine living in a world in which the government defines the totality of your financial options. Through banks, you are dependent on their transaction fees, the reach to where you can send or receive money. Even worse, what if your government’s policies lead to hyper-inflation, greatly devaluing your national currency? Some may even find themselves in a precarious position of being debanked for...

Oct 13 2020

Best Zero-Fee Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Have you ever dreamed of zero-fee cryptocurrency trading? Is this thing possible? Anyone who has tried to trade crypto knows that commission fees will eat a small fraction of profit. However, the industry provides exchange platforms for efficient yet commission-free trading. The crypto industry is moving forward by adopting advanced features from the...

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