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Aug 19 2022

Accounting For Bitcoin And Digital Assets: Everyone Loves Controversy

Current accounting guidelines provide virtually no upside for companies with bitcoin on their balance sheet — but this could change.This is an opinion editorial by Matt Maraia, a CPA looking to help educate the Bitcoin community on the ever-changing regulations on accounting standards.As the evolving digital assets ecosystem continues to pose more questions than answers within the accounting...

Mar 14 2022

Is Bitcoin A Burden For CPAs To Manage?

For maximum adoption, the industry needs accountants who understand bitcoin and know its tax implications.Since the beginning of 2022, I have been pounding the pavement to talk with brick-and-mortar merchants about accepting bitcoin as payment, as I described in my previous piece with Bitcoin Magazine. There are...

Jan 05 2021

Why You Need a Crypto Tax Specialist, and How to Find One

Whether enthusiasts have been busy yield farming or simply dollar-cost averaging (DCA) into Bitcoin, everyone is...

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