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Sep 28 2021

The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 6 – Profit, Betrayal, And Addiction

Tonight, on The Andy Milonakis NFT Show: Our hero falls deeper and deeper. The Andy Milonakis from a month ago is not today’s Andy Milonakis. His Anonymice play from Episode 5 paid big, but some members of the community are still slamming him for what...

Sep 20 2021

For Addicts And Debt Slaves, Bitcoin Is A Bright Light In A Dark Place

A former drug and alcohol addict discusses our addiction to fiat money, debt slavery and how Bitcoin inspires him for the future.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Sep 09 2021

Bitcoin And Addiction: A Life In (Fiat) Recovery

Sep 09 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  addiction culture debt drugs fiat

What parallels can be drawn from the recovery of an addict and a society addicted to debt?Instead of asking, why am I an alcoholic? I prefer to ask, how? As in, how did I become as hopeless as I once was and then how did I miraculously — slowly — progress to where I am today? What were the actions I took,...

Aug 15 2021

On 50th Fiat Anniversary, Bitcoin Can Solve U.S. Gratification Addictions

On the 50th anniversary of the fiat dollar, the U.S. is addicted to instant gratification in money printing, processed foods and more.My fellow plebeians of Bitcoin, El Salvadorians, Nigerians and Americans… I bring you here today for a very special reason. It is the 50th anniversary of a moment that has proven so pivotal and insidious, that every single corner of America’s...

Nov 09 2020

Addicted to Crypto?

Some trade crypto because they have to; some of us just can't stop. What it means to be addicted.

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