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Feb 10 2021

Adventure Token (TWA) – Becoming Scarcer with Every Transaction

Feb 10 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  $twa adventure token spotlight token burn

Inflation has become a global economic challenge. Interestingly, Bitcoin halving has proved time and again that as the inflation lowers, the intrinsic value of a BTC increases. With this aspect in mind, give Adventure Token (TWA) some thought. Adventure Token is a deflationary community token that comes with no ability to mint new tokens and follows a token burn model. Every time an...

Jan 27 2021

How To Do Yield Farming and Earn Adventure Tokens

In our previous article, we have explained what is the Adventure Token and LUNA Fund. We also explained how you can get the $TWA token and generate Adventure LP tokens by using it, as well as adding liquidity into the Balancer protocol....

Everything You Need To Know About the Adventure Token and the LUNA Fund

Liquidity mining and yield farming has been in the crypto space for quite some time and has received good user adoption. Uniswap is one of the major AMM- based swap protocols that offers liquidity mining and maintains trading volume. Then comes Luaswap and...

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