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Oct 06 2021

A Story Of Freedom In Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan

An anonymous letter details how technology has provided freedom in a society under great stress.I vividly remember the day I cursed all the banks operating in my country. My friend and I were desperately going from bank to bank, trying to figure out a way to get paid online. The day before, we had made a decision: We wanted to become freelancers....

Sep 28 2021

Crypto Actually Fixes This: How Code to Inspire Uses Crypto in Afghanistan

Fereshteh Forough is the founder and CEO of Code to Inspire, a coding school for girls in Afghanistan. She discusses her background as a refugee, how she uses crypto to fund the school and pay students, and how the US military’s departure has affected student life. Topics include: Fereshteh’s journey from refugee to computer...

Sep 10 2021

Bitcoin Prevents Monetary Control, Whether Those In Control Like It Or Not

The peer-to-peer monetary network doesn’t discriminate between race, gender, religion, or political inclination.A Wall Street Journal report has claimed how bitcoin adoption in Afghanistan has catapulted since Kabul fell for the Taliban as citizens seek ways to put their hands on...

Aug 26 2021

Finding Financial Freedom In Afghanistan

A pioneering female CEO has been promoting Bitcoin in Afghanistan since 2013 and sees it needed in her home country now more than ever.Roya Mahboob — the first female Afghan tech CEO, one of TIME’s most influential people in the world and one of the first entrepreneurs to introduce Bitcoin...

Aug 25 2021

Afghans Turn To Bitcoin Stability After Taliban Takeover

Bitcoin adoption in Afghanistan has increased as citizens seek stability in the face of cash shortages and rising prices after Taliban takeover.Afghans have been resorting to bitcoin for storing and exchanging value since the Taliban took over control of most of the country. On August 15, hundreds of residents of Kabul, the country's capital, rushed to banks to withdraw money as Taliban...

Aug 18 2021

The U.S. Empire Has Fallen, Choose Bitcoin

Aug 18 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  afghanistan culture marty bent u.s.

The moral authority of the U.S. has been lost. Instead, choose Bitcoin and other open systems that respect freedom in the digital age.The below article was originally published in Marty's Bent Issue #1057: "The Empire Has Fallen."...

Aug 17 2021

Bank Runners In Afghanistan See No Cash, Sought To Flee The Country After Taliban Takeover

Aug 17 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  afghanistan bank run bitcoin btc culture

As the Taliban advances after the President fled, Afghans fail to withdraw life savings due to cash shortage. ​Hundreds of residents of the Afghan capital, Kabul, rushed to banks on August 15 to withdraw money from their bank accounts as Taliban fighters took over the city demanding the government's surrender,...

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