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Jul 14 2022

Scoring Bitcoin Points Like Digital Airline Miles

What if the frequent-shopper points or value accrued from social media likes was transferable across the internet? Bitcoin can make this possible.This is an opinion editorial by Michael Rhee, the founder of Wavlake and a contributor at Bitcoin Magazine. Everyone loves keeping score. From likes and mentions on social media to airline miles and Starbucks Rewards, points tell us...

Jun 16 2022

Crypto News: Spanish Airlines Partners With Bitpay To Accept Crypto Payments

Jun 16 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  airbaltic airline airlines crypto crypto news

Vueling S.A., European low-cost airline in Spain, has sealed partnership with American bitcoin payment service provider Bitpay to offer its customers the opportunity to make payments for tickets via cryptocurrency. Vueling S.A. will utilise UATP for payment processing The crypto payment option is expected to be made available at the start of 2023 to individuals...

Spanish Airline Vueling To Accept Bitcoin Payments

Vueling is partnering with cryptocurrency payment provider BitPay and global payment solutions provider UATP to accept Bitcoin payments by early 2023.Spanish airline Vueling will begin accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment in early 2023.Vueling has partnered with BitPay, a provider of Bitcoin payment infrastructure, to enable the new payment method in its website.The...

Apr 11 2022

Bitcoin Songsheet: Airline Miles Are The Original Altcoins

Airline miles are the original altcoin, allowing zombie companies to issue value for nothing while encouraging people to be “Miles Chasers.”In 1999, a civil engineer by the name of David Phillips managed to earn 1.2 million miles by taking advantage of a promotion by Healthy Choice. He did this by mailing in UPC labels from their pudding cups and henceforth became known...

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