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Jan 15 2021

Crypto Perpetual Contracts Could be Your Alt Season Winners

Jan 15 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  alt season binance crypto guides trading

Reading Time: 2 minutes Crypto perpetual contracts offer bundles of similar tokens in one package They are easier to trade and can insulate against a single underperforming coin Crypto perpetual contracts could be a better alt season alternative for many Have...

Jan 12 2021

Bitcoin Begins Revival After $10,500 Drop

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bitcoin has started to recover after its drop to $30,500 yesterday The 26% correction was anticipated after a record-busting move to $42,000 The correction could usher in a proper alt season Bitcoin has begun its recovery after $10,500...

Jan 11 2021

Secrets’ Alt Season Guide is All You Need

Reading Time: 2 minutes Crypto Twitter favorite Secrets of Crypto has posted a great alt season guide The guide shows the four phases of a typical crypto cycle and the transitional phases Where are we in the cycle, and what is to come? Many people in the...

Jan 09 2021

Alt Season – How to Tell When Its Over

Jan 09 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  alt season bitcoin crypto guides trading

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alt Season is one of the most financially beneficial points in the crypto cycle Alts run after Bitcoin has settled down after a big move, but it doesn’t last forever How can you tell when an alt season is over? Timing the end of a...

Jan 05 2021

Alt Season – What to Look Out for and How to Play it

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alt season is like Christmas time for crypto traders, but it can be an overwhelming period Alt coin cycles have a set pattern than plays out time and time again We run through the essentials for making the most of alt season Alt season is...

Jan 04 2021

Alt Season Kicks off as Ethereum Breaks $1,000

Reading Time: 2 minutes A new year alt season has got underway, with ETH breaking $1,000 and all alts benefiting The move was possible thanks to BTC’s massive 48-hour move to $34,800 This alt season could be a shallow, short one of the current trend holds...

Jan 03 2021

Key Indicators For The 2021 Alt Season Start

Ethereum price was close to hitting $1,000 today, which is definitely the first indicator that the alt season might be coming soon. However, we need more than just one random pump on Ethereum, investors want to see a sustained move and Ethereum outperforming Bitcoin first. The alt season is characterized by altcoins exploding in price. The last alt season that started around November...

Dec 31 2020

Happy New Year From FullyCrypto!

Reading Time: < 1 minute2020 has been quite the year – and we’re sure you don’t need us to tell you that. Bitcoin has gone 7.5x from its lows in March,...

Dec 30 2020

LTC Gearing Up For Massive 2021?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Litecoin (LTC) could be set for a bumper 2021 thanks to both fundamental and technical considerations Litecoin is one of the very few projects that have no fear of ever being declared a security, which is important for institutional buyers The...

Dec 29 2020

Bitcoin Superiority Could Kill Alt Seasons

Dec 29 2020 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  alt season bitcoin bitcoin news

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bitcoin dominance has been in an uptrend since January 2018 As a result, alt season returns are diminishing, with windows shorter and less profitable Bitcoin’s popularity to outside investors could kill off alt seasons as we know them...

Dec 28 2020

Bitcoin Catches its Breath After Sprint to $28,425

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bitcoin topped out at $28,425 yesterday after putting on some $5,000 in three days Bitcoin dominance hit 72%, last seen in September 2019 Alts could enjoy a huge run in early 2021...

Dec 21 2020

Bitcoin Dominance Overcomes Four-Year Resistance Level

Dec 21 2020 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  alt season bitcoin bitcoin news

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bitcoin dominance has broken above an almost four-year resistance level The move could signal that Bitcoin is about to take market dominance back from altcoins What happens during the rest of 2020 could be critical for early 2021 direction...

Nov 26 2020

Bitcoin Drops Over $2,200 After Failing to Hit All Time High

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bitcoin dropped more than $2,200 overnight after failing to break all time highs Bitcoin stopped just $176 short of its record before falling to $17,255 The $16,000s are possible if Bitcoin cannot reclaim a key range...

Nov 23 2020

Ethereum Leads the Charge As Alts Fight Back

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ethereum has enjoyed a stellar weekend, jumping $82 after Bitcoin stalled at the $18,500 level A mini alt season could be on the cards after the Bitcoin dominance level rejected Ethereum 2.0 staking also increased over the weekend, helping to...

Nov 15 2020

Will We Get an Alt Season for Christmas?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bitcoin dominance has been on a downtrend ever since Bitcoin topped out at $20,000 in 2017 Another rejection at the current resistance level looks likely, suggesting that a retrace is coming Alts could be in for a promising few weeks, once...

Oct 21 2020

Bitcoin Crosses $12,000 as Dominance Surges

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bitcoin crossed a major barrier yesterday, finally overcoming $12,000 The cryptocurrency has mirrored gold’s performance in breaking its bear market downtrend Bitcoin dominance also rose, suggesting a reversal and the end of alt season...

Sep 21 2020

2017 Crypto Bull Run Exchanges – Where Are They Now?

Reading Time: 4 minutes The 2017 crypto bull run was a bumper time for exchanges, with new entrants battling old timers for exposure A handful of crypto exchanges ruled the roost in 2017, especially in the alt coin arena Where are these exchanges now, and are they...

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