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Jun 07 2022

Adyingnobody Promises To Reveal The Crypto Industry’s Biggest & Nastiest Secrets

If Adyingnobody is for real, this will be the biggest story of the year. But this has to be fake, right? The whole scenario sounds too much like the plot of a James Bond movie. What if, though? If Adyingnobody is for real, this will shake the crypto market like a hurricane. As the pseudonymous whistleblower wrote, it “will likely tear a rift...

Mar 09 2022

YouTube Detective Exposes Jake Paul’s Alleged Secret Wallet For Crypto Scams

Is what Jake Paul is doing illegal? That’s for the court to decide. It’s morally reprehensible, though. And Coffeezilla, YouTube’s biggest pop detective, is on the case. In his latest video, he uncovers an alleged Jake Paul wallet that the influencer has allegedly used to cash out of all his paid promotions for crypto projects. Yep, he used the same wallet for all...

Jun 11 2021

The BitClout Drama Continues: Enter Robert Breedlove And Naval

The Bitcoin community hates BitClout with a passion. One of the space’s thought leaders, author and podcaster Robert Breedlove, just mentioned he’ll “be taking a look at it over the next week” and everyone lost their minds. Some thought he was kidnapped, or at least hacked. Others were more cautious and thought the BitClout people paid Breedlove...

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