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Jul 31 2021

Theta Network Analysis – A Decentralized – Video Content Delivery Network

The last five years have drastically changed the way we used to consume content for entertainment. Personally, it’s been a while since I had last seen a movie in a theatre. Now, I just like Netflix and Chill. Let’s not forget YouTube, Amazon Prime, Lionsgate, and many more. It is super accessible and cheap. I also don’t know a person who has never...

Jul 30 2021

XRP volumes nearly doubled in Q2 2021, Ripple report shows

Jul 30 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  altcoins btc busd eth token report

According to a Ripple market report, the average daily trading volume (ADV) of...

Jul 29 2021

Tron (TRX) Transactions Soar To All Time High, Will Prices Follow?

Jul 29 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  altcoins tron tron transactions trx trxusd

Tron (TRX) has now broken a new transactions record. The team took to their official Twitter account to share this news with the world. Per the tweet, the number of daily transactions had reached 9,298,611 on July 28th. More transactions daily than have ever been carried out in a 24-hour period....

Jul 28 2021

Here’s How Ethereum Founder’s $1 Billion Shiba Inu COVID Aid Donation Is Being Spent

Back in May, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin donated over $1 billion in ETH and meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB) to an Indian COVID relief fund. The meme coins had been sent to Buterin by the creator of the meme coin Shiba Inu. This had been done as a marketing stunt to increase the value of the coin. And it worked. After receiving the...

Jul 22 2021

Elon Musk Confirms He Owns Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum

Jul 22 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  altcoins bitcoin crypto dogecoin elon musk

Dogecoin continues to remain on Elon Musk’s list as the billionaire confirmed he held Doge, bitcoin, and ethereum. Speaking at the B Word conference on Thursday, Elon Musk confirmed that he held a couple of cryptos. The digital assets he held included bitcoin, ethereum, and no other than Dogecoin. The SpaceX CEO is fondly known in the community as the Dogefather. And it...

Jul 21 2021

Dogecoin (DOGE) trading volumes hit billions of dollars in 2021

Jul 21 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  altcoins doge token report trading

Data compiled by Coinbase shows that Dogecoin (DOGE) trading volumes surged 1,250% in the second quarter of 2021, as reported by...

Jul 20 2021

Interview: Why Altcoins Are Not A Threat To Bitcoin With Udi Wertheimer

Infamous Bitcoin Twitter personality Udi Wertheimer discussed why Bitcoiners should not be worried about altcoins.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Jul 19 2021

Ethereum Founder Joins Dogecoin Founder In Leaving Crypto Industry Behind

Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio told Bloomberg of his plans to leave the crypto industry. This comes hot on the heels of Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer...

Binance Burns Hundreds Of Millions Worth Of Coins, Crypto Market Reacts

Jul 19 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  altcoins binance bnb coin burn crypto

Binance has now burned over $300 million worth of crypto coins in its quarterly burns. The Binance burn consisted of 1,296,728 BNB burned, and an additional 5,163 burned as part of the Binance Pioneer Burn Program. Keeping its promise of helping out developers on the Binance Smart Chain who, by honest mistake, lost their BNB coins to smart contract addresses....

Binance ‘burns’ nearly $400 million worth of BNB

Jul 19 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  altcoins bnbusd price watch tokens

Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced that it successfully completed the 16th quarterly token burn yesterday, removing $393.6 million worth of Binance Coin (BNB) from circulation. “We have completed...

Jul 17 2021

Cardano (ADA) testnet gets ‘hard forked’ to AlonzoWhite node

Jul 17 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  ada altcoins defi eth

Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), a blockchain infrastructure research and engineering company behind the development of the proof-of-stake Cardano platform, announced the successful upgrade of its...

Jul 16 2021

PayPal Increases Weekly Crypto Purchase Limit To $100K, Does Away With Yearly Limit

PayPal back in October, 2020 had announced the rollout of a feature that would enable their users to buy cryptocurrencies using the site. The rollout began with US customers and PayPal slowly spread it out to customers in other regions. Continuing on this streak, PayPal had treaded softly with the amount of cryptocurrencies it allowed its customers to purchase a week. And it...

Woo Hah!! Busta Rhymes Checks In On Crypto, Eyes Dogecoin

The one and only Busta Rhymes joins the ever-growing community of hip hop artists interested in cryptocurrencies. Even though his interest is exploratory so far, the light a star of his caliber can shine over the crypto industry cannot be denied. A person like Busta Rhymes has cultivated an audience over the last few decades and some of them may fall on the...

Jul 15 2021

Paraguay ’s Bill To Regulate “Crypto Assets” Misses The Point Entirely

Member of Paraguay 's parliament Carlos Rejala fooled the world with his laser eyes. His supposed “Bitcoin Law” proposal doesn’t even mention Bitcoin. Rejala heard about El Salvador’s news and attached himself to it trying to steal its thunder. He then deployed a Twitter marketing campaign with big promises and ended up disappointing the whole world. Related...

Jul 14 2021

Meme Coins Dogecoin And Shiba Inu Record Highest Losses As Crypto Trading Volume Tanked

Jul 14 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  altcoins doge dogecoin dogeusd shib

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu seem to have borne the brunt of the recent price crashes in the market. Reports have shown that the trading volume of the crypto market fell over 40% last month. Numbers taken from top exchanges saw the volume traded in June being significantly lower than that in May. Prices followed the lead of bitcoin which had finally fallen to...

Total DeFi Wallets On Ethereum Beats 3,000,000 Mark

Jul 14 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  altcoins defi wallets

A Dune Analytics dashboard created to track the total users in DeFi over time has shown that the number has now exceeded 3,000,000. The dashboard which was created a year ago by the user @rchen8 tracks the total...

Bitcoin, Dogecoin, all coins fall amid sudden crypto market pullback

Jul 14 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adausd altcoins btcusd defi dogeusd

The crypto market took a turn for the worse today yet again as literally all top 100 cryptocurrencies—except stablecoins—have plunged into the red zone across the board. At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) slipped below the 32,000 mark, trading at around 31,900, down 3.5% on the day, according to crypto metrics platform...

Jed McCaleb sold over 100 million XRP since the beginning of this month

Jul 14 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  altcoins people xlm xrp

With currently over a half a billion Ripple (XRP) still remaining in his “tacostand” cryptocurrency wallet, Jed McCaleb continues dumping his stash....

Jul 13 2021

Baby Doge Plunges 40% As Hype Dies Down

Baby Doge, a precocious meme coin spawn off from Dogecoin, has seen a 40% price loss in just a week. The coin which came into prominence after the Elon Musk tweet has now seen massive price dips as the hype dies down. The price of the coin has continuously since it peaked back at the beginning of July. Baby...

Jul 12 2021

Ripple insists on deposing former high-ranking SEC official as part of XRP lawsuit

Jul 12 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  altcoins legal regulation xrpusd

Ripple Labs, the blockchain company behind the XRP token that is currently locked in a $1.3 billion legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has rescheduled the deposition of William Hinman, the SEC’s former director of Division of Corporation Finance, to July 19, according to...

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