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Apr 29 2021

Bitcoin Dominance on a Continuos Decline as Altcoins Make the Most of the Alt-Season

Bitcoin dominance has been on a continuous decline over the past month falling to a new low of 48.42% today from a 72% dominance at the start of the year. A declining...

Apr 27 2021

Altseason: Bitcoin Dominance Drops To Lowest Level In Years

It happens every cycle. During a bull run, Bitcoin reaches some kind of temporal stability and traders get bored. And if a sharp drop in prices mixes with that, traders run out of the building through the window. It’s human nature. It's Altseason. The grass is always greener on the other side. Related Reading |...

Mar 02 2021

Altseason First Horseman – Grayscale Latest Announcement Will Likely Ignite Rally

Grayscale Investments announcement on Feb 26 about exploration of different altcoin investments products will likely ignite an astronomical rally and result in a proper altseason, multiple analysts are claiming....

Feb 17 2021

Don’t Buy Bitcoins right now, here’s why

Just three months after reaching $20,000 for the first time ever, Bitcoin hit another impressive milestone, climbing above USD 50,000 for the first time ever yesterday. After hovering at $10,000 for most...

Jan 20 2021

Ethereum Nears ATH As CME Futures Approach, Here’s What Follows!

Jan 20 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altseason blockchain cme futures crypto defi

In a long awaited event, Ethereum is finally nearing it's previous all time high (ATH) figure of $1448 (CoinGecko data) and is currently changing hands at ~$1402! For the past 24 hours, ETH has been attempting to cross ATH, but could only reach $1428. However, the marketcap stands at a ATH $162B. Technically, the price ATH wasn't breached, but the crypto community assumed...

Jan 06 2021

DeFi Crosses $21B, Ethereum Hovers At $1200 As Alt-Season Looms On The Horizon

Jan 06 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altseason blockchain bull market crypto defi

In a significant development, DeFi TVL has gotten past $21 billion as a record 6.8M ETH now occupy financial smart contracts. Ethereum itself has recorded gains of 8.3% over the last 24 hours and a massive 62.4% over the last week, as the largest smart contracts platform in the world hovers at $1200. It briefly crossed the psychological barrier earlier and is fast...

Altseason Depends on Bitcoin’s Dominance Not Exceeding 73% – Analyst

Summary: Bitcoin's dominance tested 73% on January 3rd This level was last seen in September of 2019 and is a crucial resistance area If Bitcoin pushes above this level, altseason will be postponed Conversely, if Bitcoin corrects and fails to break the 73% dominance, alts might just thrive The King of Crypto, Bitcoin (BTC), has just set a new all-time high value of...

Nov 25 2020

Ethereum’s Dropping Correlation to Bitcoin Points to an Altseason

Quick take: Ethereum's correlation to Bitcoin has been dropping since the DeFi boom of Q3 The progress of ETH2.0 has further accelerated this A drop in Ethereum's correlation to Bitcoin hints of an altseason The weekly ETH/BTC chart is bullish and is another clear indicator of a pending altseason Ethereum's correlation to Bitcoin has been dropping continuously since the DeFi boom of Q3...

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