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Jun 15 2022

The Anniversary Of El Salvador’s Bitcoin Legal Tender Announcement

A slew of guests discuss the historic one-year anniversary of President Nayib Bukele announcing El Salvador’s plan to adopt bitcoin as legal tender.This is a recording of a recent Twitter Spaces conversation about the anniversary of the president of El Salvador announcing the country’s intention to make bitcoin legal tender.Listen To This Twitter Spaces:...

Dec 18 2021

Eight Years Since The Meme Was Born, We’re Still HODLing Bitcoin

Eight years ago today, an infamous, whiskey-soaked Bitcointalk post gave birth to the HODL meme, still the best investment philosophy in Bitcoin history.“I type d that tyitle twice because I knew it was wrong the first time. Still wrong. w/e.”Eight years ago today, in a now infamous, whiskey-soaked Bitcointalk...

Aug 28 2021

Remembering Bitcoin Pioneer Hal Finney (May 4, 1956 – August 28, 2014)

Aug 28 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  anniversary culture hal finney rpow

Seven years ago today, Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney passed away from complications of ALS. He’ll always be remembered for “running bitcoin.”Seven years ago today, legendary computer programmer and recipient of the first-ever Bitcoin transaction Hal Finney passed away as a result of complications of ALS.Finney worked as a video game developer and then as a developer for PGP Corporation, an early...

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