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Jan 29 2022

What Is AOPP? And, Why Is The Bitcoin Community Up In Arms About It?

The Address Ownership Proof Protocol or AOPP might’ve been the most sophisticated attack on Bitcoin so far. With a fairly benign protocol that only affected people in Switzerland, the powers that be infected some of the most respected wallets in the space. Only people who bought Bitcoin at Swiss centralized exchanges and were already fully KYC’d had to prove ownership of their wallet’s...

Jan 27 2022

Why Implementing AOPP Could Pose A Risk To Bitcoin Long Term

Jan 27 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  aopp bitcoin news privacy technical

The protocol isn’t negative but the rules it enforces are, and implementing it opens up a path for future compliance.A true fuss started on Twitter on Thursday as news surfaced that Trezor, a popular maker of Bitcoin hardware wallets, had integrated Address Ownership Proof Protocol (AOPP) to streamline the process of address verification for users withdrawing bitcoin from regulated exchanges, a requirement...

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