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Jun 15 2022

Crypto Arbitrage Mosdex Raises $20m to Penetrate European Markets

Mosdex, a Finland-based cryptocurrency arbitrage startup founded this year, has raised $20 million in Series A to establish its presence in Europe. Cryptocurrency arbitrage occurs when a trader buys a digital asset on an exchange and immediately resells it on another to profit from the difference in prices. Mosdex said it plans to expand its arbitrage solution across Europe by first establishing...

May 31 2022

Terra Luna: How These 7 Wallets Brought the Ecosystem to Its Knees

Many crypto investors are wondering whether they should invest in the new Terra Luna, dubbed Luna 2.0. The gigantic collapse of Terra Luna left many wounded on the crypto battlefield, some lost the...

Jan 01 2021

DeFi Project Spotlight: Archer DAO and Ethereum’s “Dark Forest”

Archer DAO is building a community of on-chain analysts to generate new revenue streams for Ethereum miners. Though nascent, the project has already gained attention within the DeFi community due to two mounting issues among miners: Sustainable revenues and MEV....

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