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May 01 2022

What is Arbitrum? Is it the Best L2 Solution in 2022?

While Bitcoin remains the leading cryptocurrency in the Blockchain space, Ethereum is a king on its own. The Ethereum network supports various services ranging from smart contracts to Decentralized Finance applications (DApps). Unfortunately, it is not without issues, as its speed and operational cost remain a massive deterrent to users. Fortunately...

Nov 06 2021

Reddit Plans To Onboard 500 Million Users To Web3 Via Ethereum’s Arbitrum

Reddit - the world’s renowned social media, news posting, and discussion site has been involved with Web3 and blockchain tech for a while now. In May 2020, Reddit announced a limited rollout of community points initiative to tokenize the platform activity and incentivize user participation. Then, realizing that...

May 04 2021

Ethereum Scalability New Era Begins As OKEx Integrates Arbitrum L2

A new era in Ethereum scalability has arrived. OKEx - the leading crypto- exchange announced on May 3 that it was integrating the Arbitrum L2 solution for allowing direct deposits/withdrawals of ETH and Ethereum assets to Layer 2, through the platform. This...

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