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Mar 17 2023

Mar 16 2023

Feb 26 2023

Long Form: Why Detailed Narratives Are Necessary For Telling Bitcoin Stories

Feb 26 2023 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  art communication culture film opinion

Conveying the real implications of Bitcoin to audiences requires long-format storytelling with a detailed, comprehensive narrative style.This is an opinion editorial by Pierre Corbin, a documentary producer and director.Bitcoin, the world's first decentralized digital currency, has been making headlines for over a decade. Despite its growing popularity, the technology behind Bitcoin is still...

Feb 23 2023

Introducing Ordinal Loops, An Homage To Bitcoin History Built On Its Latest Innovation

Feb 23 2023 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  art blockchain culture opinion ordinals

The Ordinal Loops project is designed to push artistic activism and help end fiat through the latest innovation on Bitcoin’s blockchain.This is an opinion editorial by T, a member of the Ordinal Loops team.It has been almost a month since Ordinals truly came to light and Bitcoin has not been the same since. For some...

Feb 13 2023

On-Chain Art Goes IRL: The Largest Collection Of NFTs To Enter A U.S. Museum

Feb 13 2023 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  art ethusd lacma museum nft

This week was host to the biggest acquisition of blockchain-based art from an American museum. The new additions of nearly two dozen NFT art pieces were gifted to one of Los Angeles' most recognizable museums from one of the most recognizable names in NFTs. Let's take a look at what collections made the list, what you can expect from the acquisition, and more....

Feb 06 2023

Concerning Ordinals.

Feb 06 2023 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  art bitcoin culture nodes opinion

An objective look at the technical concerns behind Ordinals and the implications on the Bitcoin network.This is an opinion editorial by Mark Goodwin.ordinal (adj.)c. 1400, "regular, ordinary; well-regulated, proper," from Old French ordinel and directly from Late Latin ordinalis "showing order, denoting an order of succession," from Latin ordo...

Jan 13 2023

Establishing The Architectural Styles Of Bitcoin

Our enduring buildings give stature to our best work, and the architectural style of Bitcoin institutions should reflect its high ideals.This is an opinion editorial by Frances Hogan Steffian, a writer, bitcoin investor and wife of an award-winning architect.What should be the architectural styles of Bitcoin? In the history of our world, our enduring buildings give stature to our best ideas...

Jan 05 2023

A Suggestion For The Sats Symbol

Jan 05 2023 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  art culture design opinion sats

The Bitcoin community has yet to agree upon a universal symbol for sats, the smallest division of bitcoin. But I think I might have a winner.This is an opinion editorial by Arman The Parman, a Bitcoin educator passionate about privacy.Bitcoiners are having trouble...

Dec 12 2022

Miami Art Week 2022: NFTs and Web-3 Deepen Their Roots

Dec 12 2022 Published at CoinCentral under tags  art art and blockchain articles dcentral nft

Art Basel, now 20-years of age, has made itself a home for digital art and the broader crypto communities; the made their way into a festival that focused mostly on contemporary and fine art. Web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse took over the many of the convention halls, art spaces, and music venues in the city of Miami –there was even an NFT wedding....

Nov 05 2022

Bitcoin’s Role In The Rise Of Digital Art

Nov 05 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  art artists culture marty's bent nfts

Bitcoin can help facilitate payments for artists just as digital artists bring awareness to the use cases of bitcoin.This is an opinion editorial by Bitcoin Bible, a writer, editor and artist with 25 years of experience in the digital domain.Art has always had a special relationship with our culture. It has been a constant, enduring through war, industrial revolutions and evolution....

Nov 01 2022

Bitcoin Magazine Opens Art Gallery, Exhibit Dedicated To Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht

The Bitcoin Magazine Art Gallery will serve as the Bitcoin world’s preeminent exhibition space for established and emerging artists.Nashville, TN. -- Bitcoin Magazine has unveiled the Bitcoin Magazine Art Gallery (BMAG), a display space and storefront featuring a jail cell exhibit dedicated to Bitcoin pioneer Ross Ulbricht, who faces a double life sentence plus 40 years for his role in founding the...

Oct 12 2022

NFT Briefing: Breaking Down Barriers

Oct 12 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  art nfts

The NFT space has seen an explosion of innovation since the technology boomed in 2021its just that you have to do a bit of digging to find it. Ive highlighted...

How Bitcoin And Art Will Free The People

Oct 12 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  art cultural culture ideas marty's bent

Art is a spiritual expression of the individual, and as an empowerment of the individual, Bitcoin and art are directly connected."And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music," -- Friedrich NietzscheBitcoin and art could lead us out of the mechanical stronghold that...

Oct 05 2022

NFT Briefing: Crypto Art’s Rothko

Oct 05 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  art nfts

While it's never really possible to know which artists or movements will succeed or fail, it can be rewarding to seek out early signs of promise outside the mainstream. Digital...

Aug 20 2022

Bitcoin’s Quiet Revolution: The New Renaissance

Aug 20 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  art creators culture innovation opinion

Bitcoin offers the opportunity to present a new version of reality inextricably tied to a new way of determining value, especially for artists.This is an opinion editorial by Stefan Dzeparoski, an award-winning international director and creative producer.This article owes its inspiration to the essay “A Quest for Social Truth” from “Bitcoin is Venice” by Allen Farrington and...

Aug 09 2022

The Dawn Of The Bitcoin Art Renaissance

As Bitcoin unlocks human potential in its various forms, artistic expression will experience a renaissance alongside other aspects of life.This is an opinion editorial by Dawdu M. Amantanah, author of "The Bit On Digital Coins: A Quick Practical Guide To Understanding Cryptocurrency."The Renaissance was a time of significant advancement in human understanding. Fearless explorers began traveling...

Aug 04 2022


Pepe and Bitcoin both represent systems of value forged in stark opposition to the one surrounding them.This article originally appeared in Bitcoin Magazine's "Censorship Resistant Issue." To get a copy,...

May 15 2022

The Role Of Art In The Bitcoin Renaissance

Bitcoin meets at a decentralized crossroads of communication, money and identity, which are three important elements of Renaissance periods.This article is an unofficial follow-up to a previous article on a similar theme.The Bitcoin Renaissance is well underway and the art gallery by the same name...

Apr 18 2022

Bitcoin Songsheet: How Fiat Debased Art

Many modern art pieces are visual examples of the misaligned values and marred perspectives of a fiat based society.I hate Pablo Picasso’s art.The art is grotesque, ugly and reminds me of a ransom letter. I hate it because it’s confusing, purposefully opaque and it feels like the artist is pimp slapping me across the face. But most of all, the art...

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