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Aug 24 2022

Pleb Miner Month Celebrates The Rise Of Home Bitcoin Miners

At-home bitcoin miners are the backbone of a decentralized Bitcoin network. Celebrating Pleb Miner Month in September puts the focus back on the little guy.This is an opinion editorial by Barnminer, a Bitcoiner focused on improving self-sovereignty and onboarding home miners.Bitcoin mining began at home with Satoshi Nakamoto mining the first 50 bitcoin in the genesis block on what would likely...

Jul 09 2022

Bitcoin Mining Loaner Program Helps Teach New Users

Local meetups are implementing bitcoin mining lending programs to give members a chance to try home mining and learn about the Bitcoin network.This is an opinion editorial by Barnminer, a Bitcoiner focused on improving self- sovereignty, on-boarding home miners, and a contributor at Bitcoin Magazine.Having access to a borrowed ASIC for a day, week or month, will provide enough learning for...

Jun 26 2022

Why My Energy Company Pays Me For Running A Bitcoin Miner At Home

Cycling home bitcoin miners with peak energy consumption times and capturing their excess heat help make the case for small-scale mining.Decentralization is a core ethos of Bitcoin. In this article, I will discuss the importance of keeping Bitcoin mining decentralized with widespread, small-scale mines. The future is competitive.Large Bitcoin mines have economies-of-scale advantages and are able to...

Apr 22 2022

Home Mining Experts Talk Strategy At Bitcoin 2022

A group of at-home bitcoin miners discussed strategies and things to consider for people who want to get started mining bitcoin in their own homes.The Home Mining Panel at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference was a collection of long-time...

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