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Mar 09 2021

Atari Teams Up With Decentraland to Launch Online Casino

Mar 09 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  atari gaming

Atari has been in gaming for decades, and now it appears the company is entering the online gaming space. It is working with Decentraland to launch a casino district in the online world, where the population can play casino games. Decentraland is a revolutionary concept, and it has gained widespread support from the crypto community. [...] The post Atari Teams Up With Decentraland...

Mar 08 2021

Atari Launching Crypto Casino in Ethereum Metaverse

Mar 08 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  atari business decentraland layer 2 nfts

Gaming veteran Atari is launching a casino on Ethereum. Atari Casino Coming to Ethereum Atari Casino will form part of the virtual gaming world in Decentraland, the Ethereum-based game Atari announced a partnership with earlier this year. According to a...

Feb 27 2021

Top Crypto News: 02/27

After undergoing a sharp correction, Bitcoin is now trading at $47,788. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,512. Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today. Polygon |...

Atari Partners Polygon To Build on Ethereum Layer 2

Popular video game producer Atari has entered into a strategic partnership with Polygon, a scaling solution to build on Ethereum’s Layer 2. Announcing the new partnership via an official blog post, Polygon (formerly...

Feb 26 2021

Gaming Veteran Atari Is Moving to Ethereum Layer 2

Feb 26 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  atari decentraland layer 2 nfts polygon

Layer 2 has a new arrival: Atari. Atari Eyes Layer 2 The video game developer is teaming up with Polygon, a scaling solution that recently rebranded from...

Jan 22 2021

Gaming Giant Atari Doubles Down on Ethereum, Joins Decentraland

Jan 22 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  atari business decentraland gaming web3

One of the world's biggest gaming companies is joining Decentraland. Atari classics will be supported on the popular Ethereum app. Atari Joins The Metaverse Atari, the pioneering game developer who laid the foundations for early video game culture, moves into Web3. The...

Jan 08 2021

CoinMarketCap | Enjin (ENJ) Partner to Bid Goodbye to 2020!

Jan 08 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  atari business partnerships enj enjin nft

It’s probably fair to say that 2020 proved to be a year no one will ever forget. To say a proper farewell to 2020, CoinMarketCap (CMC) announced good riddance NFT in partnership with Enjin. According to the official announcement, CMC will use Enjin to mint “RIP 2020” NFT. Interestingly, 6 games can use this NFT. To stand a chance to win the RIP...

Dec 17 2020

Atari Partners With Enjin

Dec 17 2020 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  atari business partnerships enj enjin

Enjin recently announced its partnership with Atari, a known giant in the history of gaming. Still relevant in the present-day video gaming world, Atari has displayed commitment and understanding towards the emergence of blockchain technology into the gaming industry. With this partnership, Enjin will integrate Atari's iconic licenses and IPs into...

Dec 08 2020

Atari Token to Launch Next Week, Atari CEO Says Crypto Industry Has Great Potential

Atari Games, the gaming giant and the pioneer of arcade games might be eyeing cryptocurrency space as gaming crypto tokens is already an expanding multi- billion dollar industry. Atari has been at the forefront of many gaming revolutions and is leading the transformation to the digital in-game token industry as well. Atari announced its new ERC-20 The post Atari Token to Launch Next Week,...

Nov 13 2020

Video Game Trailblazer Atari Launches Ethereum Token

Nov 13 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  atari business gaming

Atari is moving onto the blockchain. The video game developer has launched its own cryptocurrency called Atari Token, described on its dedicated crypto website as a "token that will...

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