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Jul 13 2022

The FED Measures Inflation In Bitcoin Terms, Tries To Fool The General Public

The tables have turned. The FED concedes defeat and acknowledges bitcoin. Of course, they twist both numbers and words to try to make it seem like the dollar is the better money, but we all know what’s going on. A quote wrongly attributed to Gandhi describes the situation: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you...

Jul 08 2022

The New York Times’ Latest Attack On El Salvador And BTC Won’t Age Well, Pt. 1

The New York Times joined the rest of mainstream media in kicking bitcoin when it’s down. Even though the world’s economy is clearly in the red across the board, bitcoin deniers are having the time of their lives declaring bitcoin dead. That puts Nayib Bukele and El Salvador’s bitcoin bet in mainstream media’s sights. The title gives away The New York Times’ intentions...

Aug 21 2021

Is MIT ChainAnchor Still Relevant? This Bitcoin Technical Expert Thinks So

Why does a seemingly abandoned MIT project from 2016 still matter in 2021? Because MIT ChainAnchor serves as a model for future attacks to the Bitcoin blockchain. A decentralized, permissionless, and uncensorable network is a threat to the status quo. The value and freedom that Bitcoin brings to the world comes at the expense of those who want the population poor, scared, and...

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