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Nov 14 2022

CrossTower Updates New Offer For Voyager’s Assets

CrossTower is working on a revised offer for the assets of Voyager after FTX US, the original winner, filed for bankruptcy on Nov. 11. According to a spokesperson, cryptocurrency exchange CrossTower is working on a revised offer for the assets of defunct crypto lender Voyager Digital. After FTX US, the first winner of the offer, […] The post...

Sep 27 2022

Crypto exchange FTX US wins Voyager Digital’s assets auction

Cryptocurrency brokerage company Voyager Digital has announced FTX US as the winning bidder for its digital assets worth roughly $1.4 billion and also its customers will eventually transition to the FTX platform. Voyager claimed that the bid consisted of the fair market value of its cryptocurrency holdings "at a to-be-determined period in the future," which […] The post...

Aug 23 2022

Pavel Durov proposes ‘NFT-like smart contracts’ to auction usernames, links

Aug 23 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  auction news nfts pavel durov #telegram

Pavel Durov, Telegram's founder has proposed the idea of a marketplace that would employ "NFT-like smart contracts" to auction off popular usernames, groups, and channel links. The creator of the secure messaging service Telegram, Pavel Durov, has proposed the idea of a marketplace that would employ "NFT-like smart contracts" to auction off popular usernames. Durov […] The post...

Apr 15 2022

Polkadex Parachain Auction #14 Update

Apr 15 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  auction defi polkadex polkadot parachain

The auction for Polkadot parachain #14 finished. This is the auction that Polkadex participated in. Each auction lasts for a week. A nice touch is that nobody knows exactly when the auction actually ends. This is to prevent last- minute manipulation by one of the participants. After each auction, there is a three-day period, before the next auction starts. So, come April 17th, a...

Apr 08 2022

Polkadex Is in the Race for a Polkadot Parachain

Apr 08 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  auction defi polkadex polkadot parachain

The Polkadot parachain for the Polkadex crowdloan auction is now at the third batch. As the auction went live again, the PDEX rewards saw an increase. Help Polkadex to secure a parachain and get some handsome rewards. Deposit DOT and get PDEX in return. The Polkadex parachain auction cap is now down to only 1 million DOT. For each DOT you contribute, you...

Feb 09 2022

Dec 20 2021

Dec 09 2021

Nov 19 2021

Nov 18 2021

AUCTION Is Available on Changelly

Changelly expands the family of over 200 cryptocurrencies available on the platform, introducing the AUCTION token and offering an opportunity to easily and quickly exchange it at floating rates. Being a native platform token of Bounce Finance, AUCTION facilitates platform operation, utility capture, and value realization. The AUCTION token has no monetary value, yet it incorporates economic and game theoretical designs to boost...

Nov 10 2021

Oct 26 2021

German Authorities Auction Over 200 Bitcoin Seized From Cybercriminals

Authorities in Germany announced the auction of Bitcoin starting Monday, October 25. The Ministry of Justice of North Rhine-Westphalia set up a public auction for Bitcoin that the police seized from cybercriminals. Over 200 Bitcoin was up for grabs in a two-day sale. Related Reading | Ireland to See First Public Auction of Seized...

Oct 25 2021

US Government To Auction 4.94 Bitcoin Worth Over $300,000

Oct 25 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  auction bitcoin government markets us

GSA Auctions will auction 4.94 BTC in five different lots between October 26 and 28, its website shows.The U.S. government will auction 4.94 BTC worth over $300,000 in the next few days.The auction will be held by GSA Auctions, the federal government’s online clearinghouse for surplus, U.S.-owned assets and equipment it wishes to sell.The 4.94 BTC will be auctioned in...

Aug 03 2021

Porsche Auctioning Design Sketch As A Digital & Physical NFT

Aug 03 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  auction digital fanzone forward31 lukso

NFTs have been hitting the racetrack this year in full force, and Porsche is the latest brand to hit the road. Our team at Bitcoinist has covered a substantial amount of crypto automotive activity in 2021. In just recent months, we've seen the Indy 500's Bitcoin racecar, Crypto.com's...

Jul 06 2021

Shiden Wins The Third Kusama Parachain Slot Auction

We are excited to announce that Shiden secured the third parachain slot on Kusama – Congratulations! Slot 3 Winner Shiden (SDN) – A smart contract platform for decentralized applications (dapps) on the Kusama network. Shiden is built to support “layer 2” solutions, which refers to… The post Shiden Wins The Third Kusama Parachain Slot...

Jun 25 2021

Sotheby’s Auctioning 25th Anniversary NFT Of Jay-Z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’

Jun 25 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  art artist auction entertainment jay-z

It's the 25th anniversary of legendary hip-hop album, 'Reasonable Doubt'. Jay-Z's impact on music and culture is undeniable, and 'Reasonable Doubt' is arguably near the top of the list when it comes to most popular albums in the eyes of Jigga fans. In a recent announcement on Twitter from Sotheby's and Roc Nation, digital art piece 'Heir to the Throne' has gone live...

Jun 21 2021

Sotheby’s Will Accept Crypto In Auction Of Rare 100-Carat Diamond

Jun 21 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  altcoins auction bitcoin diamond diamonds

Global auction house Sotheby's is no stranger to crypto. In fact, the leading auctioneers have been hosting NFTs, such as multi-million-dollar CryptoPunks. This week, they are kicking off the auction for the code of the World Wide Web. Now, Sotheby's is integrating crypto for more than just NFTs and their payments - and is allowing crypto to be a form of purchase for...

May 12 2021

Christie’s Auctions CryptoPunks for $16.9 Million

May 12 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  auction cryptopunks nft nfts

Christie’s, one of the most famous auction houses in the world, has recently completed the auction of 9 CryptoPunk NFTs for a value of $16.9 million total, marking a milestone for the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection. The British auction house handled the auction of Beeple’s “Everydays: The 500 days” collection, which sold for $69 million [...] The post Christie’s Auctions CryptoPunks for $16.9...

Apr 30 2021

How to Participate in Kusama Parachain Auctions

Kusama is Polkadot's canary network designed for designers and developers to run experiments and test implementations before merging any feature on the main chain. It has a lower barrier to entry and faster governance parameters compared to Polkadot. Kusama isn't a testnet. Instead, the team has built it to function...

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