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Oct 20 2021

Breaking: Australian Parliamentary Committee Sets Guidelines to Give Crypto Industry a Big Push

Australia's parliamentary committee on crypto-assets aims to bring concrete regulatory and policy changes to give a major push to the crypto industry in the country. The committee believes Australia needs a robust policy and regulatory changes to help it compete against the global leaders. The said committee released a draft report on 20th October outlining The post Breaking: Australian Parliamentary Committee Sets Guidelines...

Oct 15 2021

Australian authorities target crypto telegram groups to weed out ‘pump and dump’ schemes

Telegram groups that are used to pump and dump all financial products, including any crypto assets, would henceforth face the wrath of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), according to a...

Australia to Impose ‘Harsher’ Penalties for Ransomware Gangs

A joint parliamentary committee approved two weeks ago the Ransomware Action Plan.

Sep 21 2021

Binance Ceases Crypto Futures and Options Offering in Australia

The exchange is pulling its derivatives services around the world amid regulatory crackdowns.

Sep 05 2021

Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa Set To Test Cross-Border CBDC

CBDC, also central bank digital currency, is a digital token issued by a country. Many governments and central banks around the world are exploring the use of CBDCs. Even though they mostly remain in the hypothetical stage. However, more than 80% of central banks are looking at digital currencies. The Reserve Bank of Australia...

Sep 03 2021

Survey: 56% of Australians Incorrectly Believe Elon Musk Invented Bitcoin

Sep 03 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  australia bitcoin culture elon musk

A report about the state of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Australia for August suggests that 56% of Australians believe Elon Musk invented Bitcoin.A report about the state of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Australia for August released by Finder suggests that 56% of Australians believe Elon Musk...

Sep 02 2021

Aug 27 2021

Crypto ‘Travel Rule’ Cannot Be Implemented in Australia Yet, Bureau Says

The agency still believes that it would be a "game-changer" in the battle against terrorism funding.

Aug 25 2021

Crypto Cards Arrive In Australia. What Are The Tax Implications?

The ability to spend crypto as easily as one might spend traditional fiat currency has long been sought after by many. The rise of new crypto cards in Australia promises users the luxury of spending their digital assets as they would traditional currency. This could arguably close one of the last significant gaps between decentralized currency and fiat currency. Related Reading |...

Aug 20 2021

Australian Police Seize $6M Worth of Cryptos Linked to Drug Trafficking

The bust could be one of the biggest crypto seizures ever done in Australia.

Aug 19 2021

Binance Stops Offering Crypto Derivatives in Australia

This came only a day after ASIC's general warning against unlicensed crypto exchanges.

Aug 18 2021

ASIC Warns against Trading Cryptos on Unlicensed Exchanges

It urged investors to check if the platforms have an AFS license or AML.

Aug 10 2021

Blockchain Australia Accuses Gov’t Of Misunderstanding Crypto

Aug 10 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  australia cryptocurrency news

Reading Time: 2 minutesBlockchain Australia claims that the Australian government inclines toward a scam narrative when addressing crypto assets. The association is worried that Australia has fallen behind other countries in regulating crypto. The blockchain industry body urges the...

Aug 04 2021

Nuggets CEO Alex Saunders Faces Harsh Criticism For Delaying Bitcoin Payments

Alex Saunders has brought a lot of criticism to himself by delaying loans, investment funds, and Bitcoin payments. However, Saunders has been very popular in the crypto space as an influencer powering Nuggets News. Right now, many of his associates are accusing him of owing them a huge sum of Bitcoin. In addition, the accusers are hinting that Saunders redirected a new project's...

Aug 03 2021

CoinJar Unveils First Crypto MasterCard In Australia

Australian crypto exchange CoinJar has released the first crypto MasterCard in the country. A post on CoinJar’s website confirmed that this card can be used just like a fiat MasterCard. Users get to spend their crypto with a fully- featured card both online and in-stores. CoinJar users can use their cards in stores...

Jul 21 2021

ASX Calls for Regulations of Crypto Custodians

The exchange pointed out several risks of crypto custody in a letter to the Australian Senate.

Jul 12 2021

Major Australian Broker SelfWealth To Bring Bitcoin Trading To 95,000 Investors

Jul 12 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  australia business selfwealth trading

Australian broker SelfWealth will provide bitcoin trading services to over 95,000 customers in forthcoming partnerships with third parties.Major Australian online broker SelfWealth is in discussions with bitcoin exchanges to add BTC trading capabilities to its platform of over 95,000 users, according to local news outlet...

Jun 30 2021

ASIC Seeks Public Feedback on Crypto ETPs

The regulator will accept the feedback till July 27, 2021.

Jun 17 2021

FastBitcoins Expanding Bitcoin Buying Services To Australia

Bitcoin investment platform FastBitcoins has announced an expansion to Australia to meet growing demand for BTC investment there.FastBitcoins, a platform that lets people invest in BTC online or in-person through prepaid vouchers, has announced that it will expand its platform to Australia and let customers there purchase bitcoin directly through their bank accounts.An announcement shared with...

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