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Sep 18 2021

What Did Jordan Peterson And Maxime Bernier Say About Bitcoin And The Austrians?

The Bitcoinization of Jordan Peterson is a go. The famed psychologist and media personality had a Canadian politician as a guest in his podcast and couldn’t help but touch on the subject. And Maxime Bernier was right there with him, which lead to a brief discussion about Austrian Economics. Even though both Peterson and Bernier are controversial figures, they’re as mainstream as it...

Sep 02 2021

Top Five Economics Books To Learn Bitcoin

These books can help you expand your bitcoin knowledge, as well as your understanding of the world.In this article, we will outline some of the best resources for learning about why failing economic practices led to the invention of bitcoin, by exploring first principles of economics, through the Austrian economics viewpoint.“Economics In One Lesson” - Henry...

Aug 20 2021

Bitcoinist Book Club: “The Bitcoin Standard” (Chapter 6, Part 2: Unsound Money)

What does living under an unsound money regime looks like? Just look around. You open the book to learn about Bitcoin, and you end up understanding how the whole world works. Such is the magic of “The Bitcoin Standard” by Saifedean Ammous. In our last Book Club meeting, we learned about...

Aug 12 2021

Jordan Peterson Learns About Bitcoin And The Whole World Benefits. Part 1.

It’s amazing how fast Jordan Peterson caught on to the complex ideas behind Bitcoin. The Canadian psychologist and media personality invited four very different Bitcoin experts to his podcast. Their conversation is deep but easy to follow, a treasure for future educators. It’s not exactly a Bitcoin 101 class, Peterson is so sharp that he easily grabs the core concepts and, armed with...

Jul 31 2021

Bitcoinist Book Club: “The Bitcoin Standard” (Chapter 6, Part 1: Price)

Let’s do this! It’s time for another dose of Saifedean Ammous’ “The Bitcoin Standard.” Today we’re going to learn about the magical properties of “price.” A tool so ever-present that it’s easy to take it for granted. Yet, as we’re going to learn, society couldn’t organize without prices. This fact is both obvious and easy to miss. So, prepare to learn something that’s...

Jun 17 2021

Bitcoinist Book Club: “The Bitcoin Standard” (Chapter 4, Part 3: Money and Hyperinflation)

Let’s finish the 4th chapter once and for all, book lovers. As promised, we’re going to take government money to court and analyze its track record. How do you think it did? We’ll also analyze the hyperinflation phenomenon, which as it turns out, “is a form of economic disaster unique to government money.” How does it work? You’ll know by the...

Feb 09 2021

The Emergence Of Bitcoin Through The Lens Of Austrian Economics

Feb 09 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  austrian economics philosophy

While many Austrian economists disagree on various topics regarding the origin of money, the most notable and agreed-upon theory on the origin of money is Carl Menger’s theory of salability. Bitcoin arose in a world that was long past the barter phase. Since bitcoin was never used for barter, it did not face the problems that barter economies had, namely the problem of...

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