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Jun 16 2022

Price Controls Don’t Work Even Under Penalty of Death

Throughout history, price controls have never been successful in taming runaway inflation. It is impossible to put controls on the bitcoin price.Nico Antuna Cooper is a university lecturer and works in the borderland. He witnesses the cultural opportunities of Bitcoin in both Latin America and the United States on a daily basis.Inflation is reaching a level so high that...

Apr 07 2022

How Does Bitcoin Enable Freedom? Yeonmi Park Joins Nabourema And Elsalameen To Answer

Yeonmi Park, Nabourema and Elsalameen discussed how Bitcoin can empower and bring freedom to people living under authoritarian states at Bitcoin 2022.Why do people say that Bitcoin is freedom? The expression, widely used to represent Bitcoin’s capability to bring power to those oppressed by their governments or communities, has become a cliché that many just parrot talk and don’t stop to think...

Oct 25 2021

As The World Population Increases, Bitcoin Offers Freedom

Bitcoin offers the world population a chance for freedom, despite global growth of authoritarianism.As the world population increases (the global population passed the 7 billion mark in 2011), the percentage of people who live under a democratic regime decreases. It is estimated that if things continue as they are now, in the years’ time, those who live...

Jul 07 2021

While Europe Demonstrates Totalitarian Inclinations, Bitcoin Comes To The Rescue

Recent moves by European countries have demonstrated an apparent inclination towards totalitarianism, something Bitcoin can help fight.Europe has lately been taking clear steps towards totalitarianism, showcasing a desire to take control of people's lives, from communication to private property. In the last few days, individual moves by different countries in the continent have further illustrated this trend....

Apr 24 2021

Central Bank Digital Currencies And The Orwellian New World Order

The proposed authoritarian evolution of centrally issued digital currencies takes the world closer to dystopia.Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) have received increasing interest since Facebook’s failed launch of Libra and China’s recent announcement that they are moving forward with...

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