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Apr 26 2021

How to Do Yield Farming With TakoSwap

TakoSwap is an Ethereum-based automated market making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) by Multiplier Finance. It is a fork of SushiSwap and Uniswap with some additional improvements...

Apr 07 2021

Kyber Network Launches World’s First Dynamic Market Maker

Decentralized finance network Kyber has launched its long-awaited dynamic market maker (DMM) to mainnet, claiming it as the world’s first. In an April 5 announcement, Kyber Network stated that after months of extensive research, it has finally launched the first dynamic market maker for the DeFi ecosystem. The new platform claims to be a first for open permissionless...

Mar 25 2021

Uniswap v3 Liftoff On Apr 5 – Genesis Of Customizable AMMs?

Uniswap's dominance as the automated market maker (AMM) is unchallenged so far. The famed orderbook-less decentralized exchange launched way back in Nov '18 and has since then taken the DeFi world by storm. A new and improved version of the protocol Uniswap v2 was deployed in May '20 offering direct ERC20/ERC20 pairs, hardened...

Oct 17 2020

Bancor v2.1 – An AMM-DEX Aiming To Solve Impermanent Loss!

On Oct 12, Bancor introduced the v2.1 of its Automated Market Maker (AMM) type Decentralized Exchange (DEX), a DeFi technology that it conceptualized and introduced in 2017....

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