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Apr 26 2022

AVAX Price Prediction – Avalanche Confirmed a BOOM! Jump on Board?

Avalanche prices already made a breakout previously. However, this move turned into a fake breakout, which is why AVAX prices were seen recently in freefall. As the price is once again below a trendline heading towards support, a breakout must occur soon. But will the breakout be bearish or bullish? We at CryptoTicker take a closer look at Avalanche crypto in this AVAX...

Apr 02 2022

AVAX Price confirmed at $200! Buy Avalanche NOW?

AVAX price adjusted heavily recently as part of the crypto crash. Prices did fall from a high of around $135 and crashed all the way to a low of $60. Prices tried to recover afterwards, but the...

Mar 15 2022

AVAX Price Prediction – Don’t Buy AVAX yet! Here’s why

AVAX prices were predicted to reverse upwards as they reached the support area of $70. However, this did not happen. Today's prices are leaning towards another bearish price-action where prices might reach another low for the year. How could the Avalanche price continue in the future? When would be an ideal time to buy AVAX again? In this AVAX price prediction, we analyze what happened recently and...

Jan 26 2022

AVAX Price Prediction – MAJOR Support reached, Uptrend Next?

Avalanche prices were indeed falling lately with the crypto crash. On the other hand, it was clear that prices were targeting a strong support area of $60. The reason for the claim was a descending triangle formed by the price in the chart. There were high expectations for the price to retest the triangle trend line before breaking out. As a result, the...

Jan 18 2022

What You Should Know About Avalanche Crypto

We have seen a barrage of digital assets enter the market in the last few years. Although most tokens are created for fun by developers, some have real- life use cases. Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, the token has spearheaded the market jump. Although there is a massive amount of tokens, a recent study shows...

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