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Jul 28 2022

Axie Infinity CEO Transferred AXS Worth $3M to Binance Before the Team Revealed Hack – Report

Summary: A digital wallet belonging to Axie Infinity CEO allegedly moved $3 million worth of AXS to Binance before the announcement of the $600 million exploit on the Ronin Bridge. Crypto Youtuber, Asobs, was the first to spot the significant AXS transaction from the wallet. Sky Mavis' spokesperson has explained that the AXS was moved to ensure short sellers would not front-run the...

Jun 24 2022

Sky Mavis to Reimburse Axie Infinity Hack Victims and Restart the Ronin Bridge as Early as June 28th

Summary: Sky Mavis, the parent company of Axie Infinity, expects to reimburse hack victims on June 28th. The Ronin Network bridge is also expected to reopen on the same day. The parent company and developer of the Axie Infinity Video Game, Sky Mavis, has said in a statement that it expects to reimburse all affected gamers for its March 2020 hack by June...

Apr 24 2022

Axie Infinity Hackers Transfer 33.5k ETH to a New Ethereum Address as the US Treasury Intensifies Sanctions

Summary: The Ronin Network, Axie Infinity hackers, have transferred 33,568.152 ETH to a new address 61,253.416 ETH now remains in the Ethereum address that stored the initial funds from the hack The US Treasury has intensified sanctions aimed at blocking Ethereum addresses associated with the hack Decentralized mixing platforms such as Tornado Cash have complied with the sanctions The Ronin Network, Axie Infinity...

Apr 15 2022

Tornado Cash Blocks Ethereum Address Linked to Axie Infinity Hack as it Complies to Sanctions

Quick take: The Ethereum mixer of Tornado Cash has blocked several Ethereum addresses highlighted and sanctioned by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control One of the Ethereum addresses belongs to the North Korean hacker group known as Lazarus, responsible for the $625 million Axie Infinity exploit Tornado Cash is using a Chainalysis smart contract to block the Ethereum addresses The popular Ethereum...

Apr 09 2022

Axie Infinity Hacker has Laundered 7.5% of the Stolen Ethereum via Tornado Cash

Quick take: The hacker responsible for the $625 million exploit on the Ronin Network has so far laundered 7.5% of the stolen Ethereum through Tornado Cash $400 million of the stolen funds was owned by players of Axie Infinity Binance has invested $150 million into the parent company of Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis Sky Mavis plans to repay all players affected by the...

Mar 30 2022

Axie Infinity Plans to Reimburse Players After $625M Hack

Summary: The parent company of Axie Infinity is committed to reimbursing players affected by the $625 million hack 173.6k Ethereum and 25.5 million in USD Coin (USDC) were stolen from the Ronin bridge The Ronin Network exploit is the largest DeFi hack to date at $625 million The price of AXS and RON have been negatively affected by the hack The company behind...

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