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Nov 11 2022

Markets Fall, Axie Infinity and ImmutableX Struggle! Snowfall Protocol Leads As The Next 1000x coin!

Men lie, women lie, numbers don't! Snowfall Protocol (SNW) speaks in numbers as its gone up 300% during phase 1 of its presale stage leaving investors happy.

Nov 10 2022

Is Dogeliens a Better Alternative Than TRON and Axie Infinity?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency you can buy, sell, or trade online. It is a decentralized asset. Central authorities can never influence its price movements. Since inflation is increasing in many western countries, people want to invest their money in cryptos. As many experts have advocated in cryptocurrency news channels, inflationary pressures do not affect cryptocurrencies. Some seasoned investors treat this asset...

Nov 08 2022

3 Cryptocurrencies You Should Avoid in November 2022

Nov 08 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin altcoin news ape apecoin axie infinity

According to CoinMarketCap.com, the total value of more than 21,600 digital currencies has dropped below $1 trillion since peaking at around $3...

Nov 05 2022

Axie Infinity Eyes A 23% Price Jump If They Sustain This Breakout

With the recent price jump in Axie Infinity coin, the buyers breached a six- month-long resistance trendline. Therefore, if the prices show sustainability above the breached trendline, it would...

Oct 19 2022

Possible Price Dump for Axie Infinity Coming on October 25? Here’s Why

Oct 19 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  altcoins axie infinity axs metaverse p2e

Crypto winter has also hit the popular blockchain-based online video game sector in recent months. On one hand, the user numbers of the most popular platform, Axie Infinity (AXS), have dropped massively. On the other hand, the AXS price has not been able to escape the broader...

Oct 07 2022

NFT Events, Concerts And Games: Here’s How Big Eyes Coin, Decentraland And Axie Infinity Are Innovating In The Crypto Space

The crypto space is rebuilding itself, one innovative idea at a time, from the crash earlier this year. After the unprecedented fall in trading value, many coins are charting back up. This is a good sign for investors and crypto enthusiasts. Many tokens have come up with innovative ideas to give back to the community of dedicated users.

Sep 29 2022

What is the Axie Marketplace? Part 2

Sep 29 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  axie infinity nft

The Axie Marketplace is the official marketplace of the Axie Infinity game. The NFTgame became an instant hit, gathering thousands of players in Asia and other parts of the world. The game's success led to the creation of a marketplace. So, the Axie Marketplace is a feature that facilitates trading in-game items. The competition amongst NFT marketplaces has grown intense with the industry's...

Sep 28 2022

What Is the Axie Marketplace? Part 1

NFT marketplaces are, in general, busy places. The NFT boom is far from over. And yes, NFT sales volumes are momentarily down, but transaction numbers increase. Therefore, the Axie marketplace is still going strong. The Axie marketplace is one of the busiest marketplaces around. That's quite an achievement....

Sep 08 2022

Chainalysis Aids in Recovering $30M From Axie Infinity, Ronin Hack

Sep 08 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  axie infinity chainalysis news ronin

Over $30 million stolen during an attack on the Ronin Network this year has been recovered with the help of Chainalysis. $30 Million in Crypto Seized Chainalysis has helped law...

Sep 03 2022

$15 Breakout Opens The Path For 27% rally; Buy AXS now?

The Axie infinity (AXS) price action displays a bull cycle gaining momentum within...

Sep 01 2022

Axie Infinity NFT Sales Plunge Below $10 Million For 120 Straight Days

Sep 01 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  axie infinity axs bitcoin btcusd crypto

Axie Infinity is among the first games to incorporate collectible and tradable NFTs. However, the game has recently failed to maintain the interest of current players and attract new ones. This resulted in a decline in monthly sales that totaled less than $10 million. This is not the worst decline in the history of the game. Compared to August 2021 of the previous...

Aug 27 2022

Keep An Eye On Persystic Token As It Enters The Crypto Market To Compete With Axie Infinity

Bitcoin and the larger crypto market have been falling this year as a result of continued macroeconomic uncertainties. Many people have had a challenging year in 2022, with soaring prices harming economies and the Russia-Ukraine war exacerbating the situation. Financial markets took a beating with the United States and many other global giants attempting to combat inflation by raising interest rates.

Aug 22 2022

Gaming Coins You Must Follow in 2022: FreeWoly, The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity

The crypto ecosystem is still very new and there are many coin projects with different themes and mechanisms. The newest of these is the in-game purchasing and finance ecosystem called GameFi. Although it is new for 2022, FreeWoly (FWO) is one of the most ambitious and exciting projects in this field. On the other hand, two proven coins, The Sandbox (SAND) and Axie...

Aug 21 2022

Top 3 Projects That you Picked for Their High Profitability: Dogeliens, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity

The rise of cryptocurrencies has also increased the number of assets investors evaluate in this area. In particular, investors who grew their portfolios with altcoins began to target high profitability in the long term. It can also be seen that investors are starting to show interest in newly developed projects such as Dogeliens (DOGET) in the markets that are moving in a positive...

Aug 17 2022

Axie Infinity Land Staking – How successful were the first days after starting and How To Stake?

The Axie Infinity had its “golden kick” back in 2021. The mainstream media aided in driving the portrayal to the masses. The AXS token had amazing growth when everyone hopped on the P2E bandwagon. Yet, when the crypto crash happened, the token lost greatly in valuation. In July 2022, the Axie Infinity team announced the Land Staking to its community users. This post...

Aug 16 2022

Chainalysis: Almost $2 Billion Have Gone To Crypto Hacks This Year

According to a report published on Tuesday by blockchain analysis company Chainalysis, a remarkable $1.9 billion worth of bitcoin was stolen in hacks of various services in the first seven months of this year, representing a 60% rise from the same time in the previous year. DeFi Saw Huge Cases Of Hacks, Chainalysis Reports Even though several cryptocurrencies saw a sharp decline in...

Aug 12 2022

Axie Infinity removes token rewards from its traditional game mode

Aug 12 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  axie infinity nft slp token reward

Axie Infinity (AXS), a play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain game, has completely cut off the token incentives users gain from playing its traditional game mode in an attempt to draw players to its new game Axie Infinity Origin. The Smooth Love Potions (SLP) that can be obtained in the game's traditional mode will stop being produced as […] The post...

Aug 09 2022

KBW: Axie Infinity intends to “double down” on Korean market

Aug 09 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  axie infinity news

According to Jeffrey Zirlin, Axie Infinity intends to expand in South Korea, which they view as one of the most significant gaming marketplaces in the world. Despite the legislative obstacles, Sky Mavis, the company behind Play- to-Earn (P2E) industry leader Axie Infinity, plans to "double down" and ramp up adoption in South Korea. Sky Mavis co-founder […] The post...

Jul 31 2022

Axie Infinity CEO Denies Claims Of Insider Trading; Game Token’s Value Down To Zero

Trung Nguyen, co-founder and CEO of Axie Infinity, has refuted allegations that he engaged in insider trading just before the game's parent company, Sky Mavis, disclosed a $600 million hack. Between the March attack and the revelation, Bloomberg reports that a wallet linked to Nguyen transferred almost 50,000 AXS tokens, worth approximately $3 million, from the Ronin blockchain to Binance. After Bloomberg shared...

Jul 29 2022

Axie Infinity CEO moved funds to Binance before disclosing Ronin bridge hack

Axie Infinity CEO and co-founder Trung Nguyen moved $3 million worth of AXS tokens to Binance before disclosing the Ronin bridge exploit, Bloomberg News reported on...

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