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Jul 15 2022

Celsius Bankruptcy Shows Reckless Behavior With A $1.2 Billion Hole In Its Balance Sheet

Celsius files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company’s balance sheet shows a gap of $1.2 billion and reckless behavior with customer deposits....

Jun 06 2022

Octagon Networks: First Cybersecurity Firm To Convert Balance Sheet Into Bitcoin

Octagon Networks has converted its entire balance sheet into bitcoin and will begin accepting payments in BTC for all services.Octagon Networks has converted its entire balance sheet into bitcoin.The company will also begin accepting bitcoin as payment for all services, offering a 50% discount to customers using BTC.Octagon said MicroStrategy inspired the particular business model it...

May 11 2022

Townsquare Media Becomes The New Company To Add Bitcoin To Balance Sheet

Although the purchase is not aimed at affecting the billions of dollars of Bitcoin owned by other companies, Townsquare believes it could have made $1.2 million if it had sold its Bitcoin at the end of the first quarter. Townsquare Media, a digital marketing and radio station company based in New York, is the latest […] The post Townsquare Media Becomes The New...

May 04 2022

Bitcoin Touches $40,000 As Fed Raises Rates In Biggest Hike In 20 Years

The Federal Reserve raised rates by 50 basis points on Wednesday in its latest attempt to curb inflation in the U.S.The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) has raised interest rates by 50 basis points in its largest hike since 2000.Bitcoin briefly touched $40,000 after the Fed released its new monetary policy guidelines....

Apr 21 2022

SFLMaven To Accept Bitcoin As Payment, Add BTC To Balance Sheet

Luxury jewelry reseller SFLMaven announced they plan to accept bitcoin as payment and have added BTC as a line item on their balance sheet.SFLMaven, a premier distributor of luxury goods, has announced a balance sheet allocation to bitcoin and intention to accept BTC as payment. The company started purchases of BTC, noting they added a line item for it on the balance...

Feb 28 2022

Global Supply Chain Logistics Company Flexport Has Bitcoin On Their Balance Sheet

Ryan Peterson, CEO of Flexport, announced on Twitter that their $1.6 billion balance sheet contains bitcoin.The CEO of Flexport says they have bitcoin on the balance sheet. Bitcoin White Paper listed on Flexport’s website. The company has a $8 billion valuation with $1.6 billion on the balance sheet. Ryan Peterson, CEO of Flexport, a global supply-chain logistics company that...

Feb 07 2022

Oct 19 2021

Surveillance Firm Chainalysis Adds Bitcoin To Balance Sheet

The surveillance firm that works against the Bitcoin ethos purchased an undisclosed amount of bitcoin through NYDIG.Blockchain tracing platform Chainalysis announced today the execution of a bitcoin purchase through NYDIG for the firm’s balance sheet, marking an advancement of a long-standing partnership between the two companies. Despite the bullish purchase, Chainalysis is still a surveillance company acting in...

Sep 22 2021

Dutch Football Club PSV Holds Bitcoin On Its Balance Sheet

PSV received bitcoin through a sponsorship deal in August and confirmed they self-custody it on their balance sheet.In August, prominent Dutch football club PSV announced a partnership with bitcoin exchange Anycoin Direct, which became the club's Official Partner for the following two seasons. The...

May 06 2021

Latin America’s Biggest Online Marketplace, MercadoLibre, Disclosed Bitcoin Holdings

On a financial results report dated May 5th, e-commerce giant MercadoLibre dropped the bomb. The company is the latest institution to add Bitcoin to its balance sheet. It follows...

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