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Jan 27 2021

Balancer Approves BAL Distribution to Offset Ethereum’s Gas Costs

Jan 27 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  balancer labs business gas costs

A recent Balancer Labs proposal will pay users 7,500 BAL per week to help cover their gas costs. While users pay the gas cost in ETH, the reimbursements will be given out in BAL tokens and can be claimed by the users every week. Free BAL to Cover Costs A recent Balancer proposal that would pay users BAL tokens...

Oct 01 2020

LINA Token Now Whitelisted on Balancer Labs

Linear Finance announces that their LINA Token has been whitelisted on Balancer Labs. The news was trumpeted by Linear Labs on Twitter. ✅✅ @LinearFinance LINA Token is whitelisted on @BalancerLabs...

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