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Dec 03 2021

Top 5 Countries Where Crypto Trading Is Illegal

Crypto have been a source of controversy among individuals and nations ever since the entrance of Bitcoin into the financial market. One reason for this is anonymity, one of the bedrock behind the creation of the assets. The major reason is that illicit actors hide under this guise to carry out their malicious activities. These activities include scamming and hacking, which is centered...

Nov 29 2021

Nov 24 2021

Nov 15 2021

China’s Bitcoin Ban Is The Unnoticed Geopolitical Event Of The Decade

It may be under appreciated just how badly the autocratic government of China blundered with bitcoin.The political and economic sun has been rising in the East over the past century with China playing an increasingly important role in global geopolitics. Despite this trend, I have long been skeptical of China’s centralized and autocratic governance structure, and 2021 could be a monumental year,...

Nov 01 2021

Why Russia Is Benefiting From The Great Chinese Bitcoin Miner Migration

Nov 01 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  ban business china miner mining

Russia has increased its hash rate because of miners fleeing from China due to the country's ban against Bitcoin mining.Its been less than six months since China’s May 2021 crackdown on bitcoin mining, resulting in the greatest shakeup in the network’s history.According to Cambridge University’s Center for Alternative Finance (CFAF), since May, the US...

Sep 26 2021

China Crypto Ban: Crypto Exchange Huobi To Retire User Accounts

Top Crypto Exchange Huobi Global has said it will suspend all China-based user accounts later this year. The exchange said in an announcement on Sunday that it has discontinued account registration for new users in...

Sep 24 2021

The “China Ban” Is Good For Bitcoin

Sep 24 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  ban bitcoin china markets

The Chinese ban of Bitcoin shows that the currency is delivering on its promises to enable freedom, something communism doesn’t appreciate.Today, news surfaced that China had issued a final and complete ban on Bitcoin. Harsh, it seems, right? Headlines of the likes of “...

Aug 23 2021

Iran To Lift Bitcoin Mining Ban In September

Aug 23 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  ban bitcoin mining business iran mining

The state agency responsible for power generation and distribution reportedly said restrictions on bitcoin mining would be lifted next month.The Ministry of Industries, Mining, and Trade will soon lift the restrictions on bitcoin mining imposed in May, reported the...

Jul 10 2021

TikTok Is Banning Influencers From Promoting Cryptocurrencies

TikTok has updated their policy on branded content this week, and the social media giant is putting a halt to crypto influencers. The policy could have implications for creators whose content relies on the crypto and broader financial landscapes....

Jun 22 2021

Jun 21 2021

Jun 17 2021

Banning Bitcoin Is Like Herding Cats

If the U.S. attempted to ban bitcoin, an endless digital game of whack-a-mole would ensue.In the world of media, “If it bleeds, it leads,” is still very much a fashionable trope. However, when it comes to Bitcoin, there’s a new trope in town: “If it misleads, it leads.”In a recent article for...

May 28 2021

Regulators Cannot Actually Ban Bitcoin

There are various aspects of the technology that make an outright ban on bitcoin unfeasible.“You’d have to shut down the internet.” Hester Peirce, Commissioner to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on implementing a Bitcoin ban.Although Bitcoin’s market capitalization has...

May 19 2021

Inner Mongolia Establishes Hotline To Report Illegal Bitcoin Mining Operations

Inner Mongolia, which recently banned bitcoin mining, has established a hotline for reporting illegal operations.In an announcement published yesterday, the The Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission (DRC) revealed that it has set up a hotline for reporting illegal Bitcoin mining operations taking place in the region....

May 18 2021

Report: China Bans Financial Institutions From Offering Bitcoin Services

May 18 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  ban business china regulation

China has reportedly banned financial institutions and payment companies from offering Bitcoin service to clients.China has banned financial institutions and payments companies from offering Bitcoin services to clients, including registration, trading, clearing and settlement,...

May 05 2021

Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About A Bitcoin Ban

Although they may seem threatening, bans on Bitcoin have never worked and will continue to be circumvented by the network.Worried About A Ban? Then You Need Bitcoin More Than You ThinkSkeptics often argue that governments will ban Bitcoin when it becomes too important and threatens national sovereignty. At least these critics understand Bitcoin’s importance and the power that state currency monopolies...

Apr 23 2021

Bitcoin Peer-To-Peer Trading In Nigeria Rises 27% Since Central Bank’s Ban

Nigerians have resorted to peer-to-peer trading after the Central Bank of Nigeria banned regulated institutions from dealing with bitcoin in February.Months after the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) released a letter banning regulated institutions from dealing with bitcoin in February, there has been a 27% increase in peer-to-peer (P2P)...

Apr 16 2021

Turkey Bans Bitcoin Payments As Lira Crashes

Apr 16 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  ban culture regulations turkey

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey has instituted a ban on cryptocurrency payments, as its own fiat currency is devalued.Turkey has instituted a ban on all cryptocurrency payments as its own fiat currency, the lira, is failing. The ban is said to commence at the end of April. “Payment...

Mar 23 2021

OKEx Korea Shutting Down, Customers Must Withdraw Funds

OKEx Korea released a statement on Tuesday saying customers must withdraw their fiat and crypto funds before Apr. 7, at which time the exchange will shut down permanently. OKEx Closure Part of a Wider Problem The exchange did not give a reason for the sudden closure. However,...

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