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Nov 20 2020

DeFi: Bancor Initiates Vampire Attack As Uniswap Liquidity Rewards Dry

Bancor has amassed a total value locked (TVL) figure of $62.1M since Nov 17, the day it launched a liquidity mining program in a so called vampire attack as Uniswap liquidity rewards dry. The pioneer automated market maker (AMM) had a total of $24M TVL on the day of program launch, which has since nearly tripled in a short period of time....

Bancor Network – What You Need To Know and How To Use It

The Bancor Network is based on the Bancor Protocol that consists of a network of smart contracts, also known as “liquidity pools” in general, to perform algorithmic token trades and pooling of on-chain liquidity to perform peer-to- contract trades in a single transaction with no counterparty. The platform launched its version 2 protocol upgrade in...

Oct 13 2020

Bancor (BNT) to Introduce Protected Pools in DeFi

Bancor, the on-chain liquidity protocol has proposed a promising solution to the lingering issue of impermanent loss in DeFi protocols. According to the official proposal, Bancor v2.1 will facilitate liquidity protection and single-sided exposure. With these two key features, Bancor promises to offer something unique to build a sustainable and profitable protocol. Impermanent loss is often explained as a difference between holding a...

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