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Jan 11 2021

CoinGecko Enters Strategic Partnership With Band Protocol

Exciting news as crypto data aggregator platform CoinGecko formalizes its partnership with cross-chain data oracle platform Band Protocol. According to reports, CoinGecko will provide crypto data support for Band Protocol’s recently launched Band Standard Dataset. Currently, over 20 DeFi protocols have integrated Band Protocol’s Band Standard Dataset. Some of these DeFi protocols can be found on blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Binance...

Dec 21 2020

Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google Stocks Now Available in DeFi

Injective Protocol is launching stock trading. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google will be the first equities listed on the decentralized exchange. More Synthetic Stocks Come to Crypto Injective, the high-speed layer 2...

Dec 20 2020

Band Protocol Joins OpenAPI Initiative

Band Protocol recently announced that it has joined the OpenAPI Initiative and is the first blockchain firm to do so. Band Protocol will be joining other renowned tech firms like Google, IBM, Bloomberg, eBay, and Microsoft, who are already part of the OpenAPI...

Dec 14 2020

Band Protocol becomes first blockchain firm to join the OpenAPI Initiative

Sequoia-backed cross-chain data oracle Band Protocol, has joined the OpenAPI Initiative as the first blockchain firm alongside Google, eBay and Microsoft, to connect blockchain applications to common Application Programming Interfaces (API) and streamline the exchange of data between smart contracts and...

Band Protocol Becomes First Blockchain Project to Join OpenAPI Initiative

Dec 14 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  apis band protocol news openai tech

Band Protocol will help create a common standard enabling blockchain applications to easily leverage APIs and data.

Dec 13 2020

Band Protocol Partners With Acala Network

Band Protocol recently announced its partnership with cross-chain, decentralized finance hub Acala Network to launch the Open Oracle Gateway. The Open Oracle Gateway is a decentralized, inclusive, and open price oracle service to decentralized finance ecosystems. Such ecosystems include Acala, Polkadot, Kayama, and others. 1/ 🚀...

Dec 10 2020

Fantom launches new staking protocol with Band Protocol oracles

Fantom, a fast, scalable, and secure layer-1 platform built on an aBFT consensus protocol. today announced it has launched Liquid Staking, a defi protocol with...

Fantom Introduces New Staking Tools to Drive DeFi Liquidity

Dec 10 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  band protocol defi fantom ftm oracles

Fantom is introducing new staking tools that allow for staked assets to add liquidity to the markets. This marks the first time that staked assets can become liquid, and be used in the DeFi ecosystem. The new tools are powered by Band Protocol, which offers a fully scalable oracle technology. According to Fantom, “Fantom users [...] The post Fantom Introduces New Staking Tools...

Nov 30 2020

Acala Announces Oracle Gateway for Polkadot Ecosystem

Acala is launching a new oracle service for the Polkadot ecosystem. The Open Oracle Gateway will provide data for Acala, Karura, Kusama, and various other platforms running on Polkadot. The Gateway is the result of a collaboration between...

Nov 26 2020

Brave New Coin (BNC) and Band Protocol Teaming Up

World-renowned data analytics firm Brave New Coin (BNC) has announced a strategic partnership with cross-chain data oracle platform Band Protocol. The partnership is aimed at bringing institutional-grade price data to BandChain. Interestingly, BandChain boasts of approximately 1,500 crypto assets on its platform. This means that both Brave New Coin (BNC) and Band Protocol will help meet the price data needs of these digital...

Nov 20 2020

Band Protocol Price Feeds Integrated Into LunaDex

Band Protocol recently announced its partnership with LunaDEX. As a result of this partnership, LunaDEX has integrated Band Protocol price feeds. These price feeds are for over 125 crypto assets, as well as 14 foreign exchange rates. The integrated Band Protocol price feeds will be used for the wallet interface and spot trading. 1/ 🚀...

Nov 19 2020

Band Protocol to Help Swingby Secure Skybridge Asset Protocol

Swingby, the platform behind top cross-chain asset protocol Skybridge, has announced a strategic partnership with well-known oracle platform Band Protocol. Skybridge is being developed for facilitating seamless Bitcoin transactions across blockchains. Band Protocol will assist Swingby to secure the upcoming mainnet launch of its Skybridge protocol. The oracle platform will furthermore provide reliable, secure, and real-time price feeds for...

Nov 08 2020

Band Protocol Reveals Latest Partners and Updates

Nov 08 2020 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  band bandchain band protocol harmony komodo

Yet another month of exciting updates and milestone achievements for Band Protocol has passed. The oracle platform has revealed details of strategic partnerships as well as several other important updates in October. Band Protocol's BandChain upgraded to GuanYu from its Wenchang protocol in October. The upgrade included all its validator nodes to ensure the smooth running of its oracle nodes. Band Protocol, in...

Oct 28 2020

Band Protocol Komodo Strategic Partnership and Integration

Komodo, the first open composable smart chain platform announced the integration of Band Protocol into its flagship product, AtomicDEX. According to the official blog, this integration will ensure that AtomicDEX displays reliable and real-time price data. This integration is important to ensure that AtomicDEX users make informed decisions based on the fair market values of crypto assets. Additionally, Band Protocol oracle integration will...

Band Protocol Partners With Coin98 Wallet

Band Protocol has announced a partnership with Coin98 Wallet, a renowned decentralized wallet. Having multi-chain native dApp support, Coin98 Wallet has integrated the Band Protocol decentralized price oracle to offer security and transparency. Providing secure pricing for various crypto assets Coin98 Wallet aims at providing users with a simplified and multi-functional product that boosts security and...

Oct 23 2020

KyberSwap Incorporates Band Protocol Price Feeds

Popular token swap platform KyberSwap has announced a strategic partnership with renowned price reference data platform Band Protocol. Now traders on KyberSwap will have access to reliable and accurate price feeds. According to an official blog post, KyberSwap...

Oct 13 2020

Band Protocol Partners with GetBlock after Multiple Setbacks

Oct 13 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  band protocol bandusd defi defi news getblock

The cross-chain data oracle network Band Protocol...

Sep 22 2020

Band Protocol Revamps CosmoScan

Cross-chain oracle platform Band Protocol has revamped its open-source block explorer, CosmoScan. The new upgrades to CosmoScan, which launched about four months ago, include major improvements in its mobile UX, accessibility, visual clarity, and statistics on oracle requests. CosmoScan is also an open-source block explorer that can run with the most recent version of the Cosmos-SDK....

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