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Jul 26 2021

Bank Of England 'Britcoin' Will Fuel Rising Bitcoin Prices, Says deVere CEO

Nigel Green has reportedly commented on the UK's new CBDC initiative, remarking how it might backfire and help propel Bitcoin adoption.Nigel Green, CEO of independent financial advisor and asset manager deVere Group, reportedly said that the Bank of England's rumored digital currency Britcoin, which aims to overtake Bitcoin, will backfire.Green's comments come after it was...

Jul 16 2021

After U.S, Now Japan Calls for Strong Regulations of Stablecoins

In a fresh development, Japanese regulators are now stepping up efforts to regulate digital currencies, especially stablecoins. In exclusive coverage, Reuters reports that the Japanese government is closely watching the sharp growth of the crypto market and remains worried about its impact on the country's financial system. Tokyo wants to engage with global financial regulators The post After U.S, Now Japan Calls for...

Jul 14 2021

BoE Deputy Governor says crypto is not a ‘financial stability risk’

Bank of England’s Deputy Governor Jon Cunliffe commented on crypto’s market status, saying it is not a financial stability risk as it does not pose relevant competition to the traditional markets, yet. He agreed with and appreciated crypto’s exponential growth however he clarified that it cannot beat the regulated market and he does not see The post BoE Deputy Governor says crypto is...

Jun 07 2021

Apr 19 2021

Bank of England And HM Treasury Announce Taskforce to Launch “UK CBDC”

The Bank of England and HM Treasury in a joint statement announced the launch of a CBDC task force that would be responsible for exploring different potential use cases for a "UK CBDC." Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) has become a priority for many countries in the wake of the rising popularity of digital assets The post Bank of England And HM Treasury...

Nov 13 2020

Bank of England Official Balks at Shielding Banks Against Digital Currencies: Report

Deputy Governor Jon Cunliffe says protecting bank business models is not BoE's responsibility.

Nov 12 2020

ECB’s Lagarde Has ‘Hunch’ Digital Euro Will Launch in 2-4 Years

Nov 12 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bank of england bitcoin cbdc cbdcs digital euro

ECB President Christine Lagarde says the impetus for a central bank digital currency could come from the need to facilitate cross-border finance.

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