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Mar 24 2023

How Will Bitcoin Adapt To Banking Uncertainty?

Mar 24 2023 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bank run banks culture opinion

As some of the cryptocurrency industry’s go-to banks failed, Bitcoin’s importance was on display while its on and off ramps suffered.This is an opinion editorial by Karen Shidlo, a blockchain-focused content creator.The recent news of Silvergate Capital, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank...

Mar 22 2023

Mar 21 2023

Looking at Some Unanswered Signature and Silvergate Bank Questions

Mar 21 2023 Published at CoinDesk under tags  banks fdic newsletters opinion policy

(Leonardo Munoz/VIEWpress/Getty Images)

Banks to record crypto transactions in Australia due to SVB crises

Mar 21 2023 Published at Coinscreed under tags  australia banks crypto transaction news svb

Following the spread of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) crisis, Australia's prudential regulator has reportedly requested local banks to record cryptocurrency transactions. The Australian Financial Review reported on March 21 that the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) has begun demanding banks to identify their exposures to startups and crypto-related enterprises. The regulator has asked banks […] The post...

Mar 19 2023

Tron Founder Justin Sun Make Acquisition Proposal For Credit Suisse

Mar 19 2023 Published at Blockmanity under tags  banks defi news tron

Recent reports have surfaced indicating that Credit Suisse, one of Switzerland's largest banks, is considering acquisition proposals from UBS . According to individuals with firsthand knowledge of the situation, UBS...

Mar 17 2023

Silicon Valley Bank's Former Parent Company Files for Bankruptcy

SVB Financial, the parent company of Silicon Valley Bank, filed for bankruptcy in New York. (Shutterstock)

Mar 16 2023

A Recap Of Last Week’s Banking Contagion And Bitcoin

Mar 16 2023 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  banking banks contagion markets opinion

So much has happened in the last week that it may be helpful to look at the totality of these events in relation to bitcoin....

As The U.S. Sees Its Second-Biggest Banking Collapse Ever, Bitcoin Is Just Becoming Stronger

Mar 16 2023 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bank run banks culture inflation opinion

As the U.S. witnessed one of the largest banking collapses in its history, Bitcoin is being innovated upon and seeing its network grow.This is an opinion editorial by Carlos Cardenas, an institutional account manager who has worked at legacy banks and cryptocurrency exchanges.Author Nassim Taleb published an interview titled,...

Mar 15 2023

Bank Runs Like These Are The Reason Bitcoin Exists

Mar 15 2023 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bailout bank run banks culture fiat

We may be heading into another financial crisis, government bailouts for reckless banks included. Bitcoin exists to fix this....

Mar 14 2023

The Latest Banking Crisis Is Why I Save In Bitcoin

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has highlighted just how fragile the legacy financial system is. This is...

Crypto Group DCG Is Looking for New Banking Partners

Mar 14 2023 Published at Blockmanity under tags  banks dcg news

Digital Currency Group (DCG), one of world's largest crypto conglomerate, is on the lookout for new banking partners for its portfolio companies following the recent collapse of three major crypto-friendly banks in the US - Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, […] The post Crypto Group DCG Is Looking for New Banking Partners appeared first on Blockmanity.

Mar 13 2023

Beat Banks Runs With Bitcoin: Meet The New Bull Narrative For Crypto

Mar 13 2023 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bank runs banks bitcoin btc btcusd

Bitcoin price is currently soaring, climbing more than 20% since last Friday. The rally could be due to a brand new bull narrative that's possibly brewing: using BTC to beat bank runs – a situation unfolding across the United States currently. Here is what this could mean for the number one cryptocurrency by market cap. Beating The Banking...

Bitcoin Surges Past $24,000 As U.S. Sees Major Banks Fail

Mar 13 2023 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  banks bitcoin price markets news

The bitcoin price rocketing to $24,000 amidst the banking crisis is reflecting the world’s need for a sound money alternative.Bitcoin remained resilient in the face of a very hesitant market Monday morning, surging past $24,000. Despite fears that the cryptocurrency industry is being cut off from banking, bitcoin is outperforming the S&P 500, which, surprisingly, didn’t sustain a major hit, up 0.7%...

Coinbase Reinstates USDC/USD Conversion, Biden Says Banking System Is Safe

Summary: Crypto exchange Coinbase reinstated USDC/USD conversions on Monday after turbulence over the weekend. Circle previously halted stablecoin minting after troubles in the U.S. banking system involving major banks like Silicon Valley Bank and Signature. President Joe Biden said that the banking system is safe but executives at SVB and Signature must be fired. Major crypto exchange Coinbase restarted conversions for the USDC/USD...

U.S. Treasury, FDIC And Federal Reserve Will Guarantee All Deposits At SVB, Signature Bank In Unprecedented Move

Mar 13 2023 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  banks fdic federal reserve markets news

A joint statement ensured that all customer deposits at the respective banks will be honored by the federal government.The U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) announced on Sunday that they would take "decisive actions" to strengthen public confidence in the U.S. banking system. This decision came after the FDIC and Federal Reserve recommended Silicon Valley Bank and...

Mar 10 2023

Silicon Valley Bank ($SIVB) Shut Down By Banking Regulator

Silicon Valley Bank has been shut down by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation due to inadequate liquidity and insolvency. The bank's shares were halted earlier today after a 66% slump in premarket trading.

Mar 09 2023

SWIFT Moves To Second Phase Of CBDC Testing After Successful Test Run

SWIFT is set to go ahead with the second phase of its CBDC testing after seeing positive results in a test run that saw participation from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Standard Chartered, etc.

Silvergate Bank Announces Liquidation And Winding Down Of Operations

Mar 09 2023 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  banking banks business liquidation news

Once a major banking partner for various cryptocurrency firms, Silvergate will end its operations in line with regulatory requirements.In a press release shared on Wednesday, Silvergate Capital Corporation, the holding company for Silvergate Bank, announced the immediate winding down of the bank’s operations along with voluntary liquidation of the bank.“In light of recent industry and regulatory...

Mar 08 2023

Gemini Crypto Exchange Dropped By Heavyweight Bank JP Morgan

Summary: JP Morgan will no longer offer banking services to crypto exchange Gemini, CoinDesk reported citing sources familiar with the matter. The bank's decision to cut ties with a crypto business is the latest in the so-called exodus of partnerships between crypto companies and their banking partners. Coinbase, another JP Morgan crypto customer, switched from Silvergate Bank to Signature Bank for USD deposits...

Mar 02 2023

HSBC, Nationwide Banks Crack Down On Bitcoin And Crypto Access

Mar 02 2023 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  banks business news united kingdom

Two of the U.K.’s largest banks have imposed further restrictions on their customers’ ability to acquire cryptocurrencies.British banks have continued to crack down on their customers' cryptocurrency purchases. According to a Bloomberg report, Nationwide and HSBC are the latest U.K. banking giants to impose new limits on their customer’s cryptocurrency purchases via debit cards and end purchases with credit cards....

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