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Jan 22 2021

Tether’s Bank Deltec Says Stablecoin Is Fully Backed by Reserves

Jan 22 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bahamas banks business deltec markets

"Every tether is backed by a reserve and their reserve is more than what is in circulation," Gregory Pepin, Deltec Bank's deputy CEO, said on a podcast Friday.

Jan 21 2021

Silvergate Took Nearly $3B in Deposits From Digital Currency Customers in Q4 2020

The majority of the new deposits came from cryptocurrency exchange clients.

Jan 18 2021

Australian Bitcoin Trader Takes Banks to Tribunal After Sudden Account Closures

The trader had operated a registered digital currency exchange, but said he was unable to continue operating without banking services.

Jan 17 2021

Goldman Sachs Looking To Launch Crypto Custody Option

The cryptocurrency space has been touted as having the capacity to completely revolutionize the finance industry as we know it. With this in mind, more and more traditional financial institutions are moving towards offering a form of crypto-based service. World-renowned banking giant Goldman Sachs has joined the list of conventional banking institutions looking to dabble in the cryptocurrency space. A source that spoke...

Jan 15 2021

Why Are Millennials Choosing Cryptocurrency Over Banks?

Historically, millennials (people between the ages of 25 and 40) form an age group that has the ability to greatly influence the economy. At this point, that's the […]

Jan 11 2021

World’s 6th Largest Bank Is Blocking Bitcoin Transactions

Jan 11 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  banks business hsbc

The world's sixth-largest bank, HSBC, is blocking its customers from depositing from crypto wallets. Luckily, DeFi provides an alternative solution. HSBC Attempting to Quash Crypto HSBC and other UK banks are taking a tough stance against crypto. According to a report...

Jan 05 2021

Central Bank Digital Currencies: How Should Privacy Be Built In?

Jan 05 2021 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2021 banks blockchain cbdc crypto

This panel, from a panel for the fifth anniversary of Hyperledger, features Rob Palatnick, managing director of global head of technology research and innovation at the DTCC and chairman of the Hyperledger board, Matthieu Saint Olive, Codefi payments product manager and CBDC advisor at ConsenSys, and Robert Bench, assistant vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. In this discussion on the...

Crypto Markets Jump on OCC Approval for Banks to Use Blockchains

The price of bitcoin and native tokens for other stablecoin-supporting blockchains jumped after the OCC approved banks to use public blockchains.

Jan 04 2021

US Federal Regulator Says Banks Can Conduct Payments Using Stablecoins

Jan 04 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  banks brian brooks news occ policy & regulation

Banks can act as nodes on a blockchain or conduct payments using stablecoins, the OCC said Monday.

Dec 29 2020

2020 Highlights: The Biggest New Stories of the Year in Crypto

Dec 29 2020 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2020 banks bitcoin blockchain cbdc

Host Laura Shin recaps the biggest stories of the year in crypto, with clips from shows throughout the year. In this episode, we cover how the pandemic drove Bitcoin to new all-time highs, how regulation began to come for the crypto space in a big way, plus new trends in DeFi, corporate structures, and how ETH will change as an asset....

Dec 22 2020

Why Is the Proposed FinCEN Rule for Unhosted Wallets Being Pushed So Quickly?

Dec 22 2020 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2020 banks bitcoin blockchain crypto

Jeremy Allaire of Circle Pay and Kristin Smith of the Blockchain Association explain the impact of and motivation behind Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s proposed FinCEN rule that targets “unhosted” wallets. In this episode, they cover: what the new FinCEN rule says, and how it would impact unhosted or self-hosted wallets, as...

Dec 21 2020

Puerto Rico-Based FV Bank to Offer Regulated Crypto Custody in the US

Dec 21 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  banks business custody fv bank markets

FV Bank says it has received permission from a Puerto Rico banking regulator to provide custody services for bitcoin, ether and more in the U.S.

Dec 16 2020

Spain’s BBVA Set To Carry Out Crypto Services

Sources have revealed that Spain’s Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA (BBVA) is set to launch crypto services. According to reports, BBVA is getting prepared to delve into crypto trading and custody. Having about $840 billion worth of assets, BBVA is the second-largest bank in Spain. BBVA To...

Dec 15 2020

SatoshiPay to Become First User of German Bank’s Euro Stablecoin

Dec 15 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  banks business news satoshipay stablecoins

Bankhaus von der Heydt partnered with Bitbond to launch its euro-backed stablecoin on Stellar last week.

OCC Economist Cites Benefits of Issuing Bank Charters to Stablecoin Providers

Dec 15 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  banks fintech news occ stablecoins

The OCC's head economist said in a paper that chartering stablecoin providers would offer benefits to consumers, as well as to the firms themselves.

Dec 12 2020

DBS Digital Exchange To Begin Crypto Trading Very Soon

Singapore's biggest bank, DBS, recently disclosed that it is set to unveil its crypto exchange that would begin trading of digital assets as soon as next week. The DBS Digital Exchange, when launched, would be the foremost digital currency exchange backed by a traditional bank in the world. It will also leverage...

Dec 11 2020

India’s Banks Are Once More Serving Crypto Traders and Exchanges

Dec 11 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  banks business exchanges india markets

Indian banks have started doing business with select cryptocurrency exchanges and their customers, CoinDesk has confirmed.

Why Rohan Grey Believes Stablecoin Issuers Need to Be Banks

Dec 11 2020 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2020 banks blockchain cbdc crypto

Rohan Grey, assistant professor at Willamette Law, talks about the STABLE Act, which would require stable coin issuers to obtain a banking charter, require approval from the Federal Reserve and require issuers to have FDIC insurance. In this episode, Grey, an advisor to the bill, discusses: how the past history of financial innovation and events...

Dec 10 2020

2021: The Year of Quppy And The Evolution of Banks As A Service (BaaS)

Dec 10 2020 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  banks finance industry quppy

2020 has been a year unlike any other in terms of dramatic life change. Throughout history, any phases of challenge or uncertainty led to a mass disruption of the traditional systems in place and ushered in a new societal revolution. There was an industrial revolution, a technological revolution, and what is next is a decentralized, all-digital future. The basis of a brighter, more...

DBS Bank’s Digital Exchange to Begin Trading Crypto ‘Next Week’

Dec 10 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  banks business dbs exchanges markets

The DBS Digital Exchange is 10% owned by Singapore's SGX stock exchange.

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