Tag: bear arms n' bitcoin

Nov 25 2020

It’s Time To Join The Bitcoin Circular Economy

Makers of 3D-printed guns operate by the motto, “Free men don’t ask permission.” They don’t ask the State for permission to bear arms. They don’t rely on gun manufacturers to make a gun that they’d like to see developed. In doing so, 3D gun printing functions parallel to, and outside of the legacy model of regulated manufacturers producing compliant and serialized guns that...

Aug 24 2020

On September 19, Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin Will Host Full Stack Freedom

Although it represents a revolutionary step in individuals’ ability to gain financial freedom, Bitcoin in and of itself is not enough to achieve complete sovereignty from third parties or central governments. As many adopters of the technology know, Bitcoin is not private or anonymous. For many, basic pseudonymity (as well as Bitcoin’s other advantages) is enough. But for some,...

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