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Oct 13 2021

Fidelity Director: $100,000 BTC By 2023, Fails To See Bitcoin Power

Jurrien Timmer showcased a profound misunderstanding of Bitcoin and its true potential on CNBC.Fidelity Investments director of global macro Jurrien Timmer appeared on CNBC today to discuss his bitcoin price prediction models, market outlook, and opinion on the current rally. Timmer...

Jul 21 2021

Why Bitcoin Bears Should Beware: A List Of Historical Fails

Jul 21 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bears culture history

There are many who have opposed innovation that were proven monumentally wrong in their predictions.There will always be people who criticize creators of breakthrough technologies. And their criticisms may affect no one or millions depending on their reach. However, the loudest are often leaders in their fields and influential because of their work. These innovation antagonists oppose any who attempt what...

Nov 30 2020

Bitcoin Decimates Bears With Quick Recovery Above $19,800

Nov 30 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  bears markets trading

Bitcoin crossed the $19,800 benchmark Monday morning, catching many derivatives traders off-guard. $BTC: New Bitcoin ATH on a few exchanges...

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