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Jun 02 2022

White House To Craft Bitcoin Mining Policy Addressing Energy Use: Report

The Biden administration is reportedly crafting policies intended to lower energy consumption and emissions from bitcoin mining.The White House is drafting policy to address bitcoin mining as it seeks to lessen energy consumption and emissions. In March 2022, President Biden signed an executive order in a “whole of government” approach to regulate the broader cryptocurrency market. Per...

Mar 09 2022

Biden Signs Bitcoin Executive Order, Taps ‘Urgent’ CBDC Development

The order focuses on a collaborative government agency effort towards ‘urgent’ CBDC development and Bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulation.Central bank digital currency (CBDC) research and development is a matter of “urgency” to the U.S., according to President Joe Biden’s Wednesday executive order. Regulatory agencies will work in a “whole-of-government” approach to combat illicit use of...

Mar 07 2022

Feb 09 2022

Jan 28 2022

The White House Considers Bitcoin And Crypto “A Matter Of National Security”

The White House is stepping in. Started at the bottom, now we’re “a matter of national security.” According to Barrons and...

Jan 27 2022

Biden Administration To Regulate Bitcoin As A Matter Of National Security: Report

The White House wants to bring order to the ‘haphazard approach’ that is currently being employed by regulators to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.The White House wants to set out a cohesive set of policies to regulate Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as currently legislation and its enforcement are scattered across sectors and agencies, according to multiple reports.The Biden administration will release an...

Oct 09 2021

Aug 09 2021

Is The US Government Paving The Way For Bitcoin Adoption In the Future?

Governmental Bitcoin adoption seemed so far away just a year ago. All eyes are on the US Senate and the infrastructure draft bill. Opinions vary. Lobbying efforts abound. Two competing amendments try to fix its troublesome wording. Could a plan be in the works for some kind of formal Bitcoin adoption in the future? It seems unlikely. But a pseudonymous Bitcoin analyst presents...

Aug 07 2021

Jun 03 2021

U.S. President Joe Biden Calls for Stricter Tax Evasion Regulations For Global Crypto Investors

Global cryptocurrency investors active in the U.S. market or on the U.S. exchanges are going to have a tough time dealing with the regulators. In the latest development, the Joe Biden administration has proposed to collect data of foreign crypto investors active in the U.S. market. The U.S. government is reportedly mulling a move for The post U.S. President Joe Biden Calls for...

May 27 2021

SEC Chief Set to Focus on Tighter Regulations Around Cryptocurrencies

Gary Gensler, the new US Securities, and Exchange Commission (SEC) chief in a Wednesday...

Apr 21 2021

Biden Administrations $2.3T Proposed package gets $1T Additional Expenditure Budget

As the second wave of coronavirus pandemic has started to run havoc in different countries, the Biden Administration is gearing up to announce another set of relief packages for...

Feb 27 2021

Just-In: Biden Administration Passes $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package

The Biden Administration passed the much-awaited $1.9 trillion Stimulus relief bill that the President had promised after taking the office. The House passed the stimulus bill with a 219-212 vote and it has been forwarded to the Senate for approval. The House just passed President Biden's $1.9 trillion pandemic aid package. Two Democrats voted against The post Just-In: Biden Administration Passes $1.9 Trillion...

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