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May 03 2022

Rhode Island proposes bill to reward green home builders in crypto

House of Representatives in Rhode Island have introduced a bill that would tackle the housing shortage by rewarding home builders with "green coin" cryptocurrency for lowering the project's carbon footprint. The Green Housing Public-Private Partnership Act would require a housing project's utility costs and carbon emissions to be reported annually to the state's public utility […]

Apr 28 2022

Panama Assembly Passes Bill Regulating Bitcoin, Crypto

Apr 28 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bill bitcoin business crypto news

After the president’s signature, the bill will regulate the usage of bitcoin as payment in the country.Panama has approved a bill regulating the use of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as payment.The goal is to foster job creation and make the country a leading technology hub in Latin America, a Congressman said.Panama has unanimously approved overhaul legislation to regulate the Bitcoin and...

Apr 01 2022

Mar 28 2022

Feb 23 2022

Mexican Senator Plans To Introduce Bill To Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

Feb 23 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bill bitcoin legal tender markets mexico

Nuevo Léon senator, Indira Kempis, seeks to introduce legislation to make bitcoin legal tender in Mexico.Indira Kempis recently featured in an interview with Diario El Salvador discussing her intention to propose a bill that would make bitcoin legal tender in Mexico. Kempis discussed the inspiration she received in visiting El Salvador and seeing their rising financial inclusion....

Feb 22 2022

New Bill Would Let California State Agencies Accept Bitcoin

Feb 22 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bill bitcoin california markets news

The bill is the latest to join a growing cohort of state legislation being proposed to encourage bitcoin’s usage for payments.California is the latest U.S. state to jump on the bitcoin payments bandwagon.Senator Kamlager filed Bill 1275 to the state’s legislature on Friday to add a section to the government code that relates to services provided by Californian agencies to the...

Feb 21 2022

Russia’s Ministry Of Finance Submits Bitcoin Bill Proposal

The draft bill comes after the government gave the green light to Bitcoin regulation, disregarding the Bank of Russia’s concerns.Russia’s Ministry of Finance has submitted a draft bill on Bitcoin regulation in the country, weeks after the government approved the concept of creating legislation specifically for cryptocurrencies.“The use of digital currencies as a means of payment on the territory of the...

Feb 11 2022

New Introduced Bill Would Exempt Bitcoin From Missouri Taxes

Feb 11 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bill bitcoin markets missouri news

State Rep. Christofanelli said he wants to create greater economic and political freedom in Missouri.Missouri State Representative Phil Christofanelli introduced a bill on Thursday seeking to exempt bitcoin from property taxes at the state, county, and local levels.“My goal is to ensure Missouri is open to innovation and opportunity as Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and blockchain applications come to the...

Feb 09 2022

Bill Introduced To Let Tennessee Buy Bitcoin

Feb 09 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bill buy bitcoin markets news tennessee

Another bill was introduced on the same day seeking to make Tennessee the U.S.’s top destination for Bitcoin enthusiasts.A bill was introduced in Tennessee to allow the state and municipalities to invest in bitcoin.Another bill introduced the same day seeks to establish a working group to study how Tennessee could become the nation’s top destination for Bitcoin businesses.State...

Feb 03 2022

Bipartisan Bill to Eliminate Taxes for Small Bitcoin Transactions

The proposed legislation seeks to reduce friction in the usage of bitcoin as a daily currency.A bipartisan bill introduced Thursday would exempt bitcoin transactions from tax obligations if the associated capital gains are $200 or less, seeking to incentivize the digital currency’s usage as a medium of exchange in the U.S. economy. Currently, any gain obtained from the sale of cryptocurrency must...

Jan 28 2022

Bill Introduced To Make Bitcoin A Legal Tender In Arizona

Senator Wendy Rogers introduced a bill to make bitcoin a lawful currency in the U.S. state of Arizona.Senator Wendy Rogers has introduced a bill proposing to make bitcoin a legal tender in the U.S. state of Arizona.The bill seeks to add bitcoin to the list of instruments considered legal tender in Arizona and make the peer-to-peer...

Dec 23 2021

Senator Lummis To Propose New Bitcoin Bill Next Year

The bill would establish a clearer framework for U.S. regulators to deal with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.Senator Lummis is planning to introduce a detailed bill on Bitcoin and crypto next year.The bill would provide guidelines for categorizing digital assets and create a new regulatory agency to oversee the cryptocurrency market.Pro-bitcoin U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis is preparing to...

Dec 17 2021

Paraguay’s Bitcoin Bill Passes the Senate

Dec 17 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bill bitcoin markets mining paraguay

The bill, which does not make bitcoin legal tender in Paraguay, will be discussed by the country’s Chamber of Deputies in 2022.A Paraguayan bill seeking to regulate the trading and mining of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the country passed the Senate on Thursday. Senator Fernando...

Nov 30 2021

South Korea to Delay Crypto Tax until 2023

The South Korean National Assembly will vote on the amendment on December 2.

South Korea to Delay Crypto Tax until 2023

Today, South Korea’s Finance Ministry confirmed that the National Assembly Planning and Finance Committee passed a bill to delay crypto taxation by one year.

Nov 11 2021

Russian Deputy Proposes Bill To Legalize Bitcoin Mining, Forms Working Group

Nov 11 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bill bitcoin mining business russia

Russia wants to provide regulatory clarity for the industry and gather a cut from the miner's profits by operating there.Russia wants a cut of bitcoin miners' profits as the country's hashrate grows.Lawmakers have proposed on November 11 to legalize the industry and created a working group to discuss the issue.Although mining isn't illegal there, regulatory clarity still lacks and...

Aug 11 2021

Breaking Down The US Infrastructure Bill And Its Impact On Crypto

Aug 11 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  altcoins bill bitcoin crypto regulation

The past few days have nothing short of a debacle on the Senate floor, especially in relation to crypto. Recent legislation titled the "INVEST in America Act" has been tossed back and forth in hopes of reaching a bipartisan vote. The short answer is, it has. However, it did not pass...

May 27 2021

Texas Senate Passes Crypto Bill, Goes to the Governor to Be Signed into Law

There are currently 25 states in the US discussing legislation over cryptocurrencies.

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