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Jul 20 2021

Binance has Now Burned Approx. $1B Worth of BNB in 2021

Binance recently carried out its 16th BNB coin burn worth $393,673,653 This was the second coin burn of 2021 with the 15th coin burn (Q1) being worth $595,314,380 The two coin burns add up to a total of roughly $1 Billion of BNB destroyed The reduction in supply is bullish for the long term value of BNB However, short-term, Binance Coin faces a...

Jun 29 2021

Binance Coin’s 200-day MA Holds, as 16th BNB Coin Burn Beckons

Binance Coin is consolidating at the 200-day moving average Binance Coin has a scheduled coin burn in the next few days that should provide some enthusiasm surrounding BNB The last quarterly coin burn was in April and resulted in the destruction of 1.099M BNB worth $595.3 million Binance has committed to an accelerated coin burn program and the 16th event could equal or...

Mar 13 2021

Binance Coin’s 15th Coin Burn Should Happen in a Month or So – CZ

In brief: According to CZ, the 15th BNB coin burn will happen in a month or so Yesterday, Binance Coin dipped by 14% as news broke of the US CFTC investigating the exchange One year ago, Binance Coin was trading at $6.40 due to the Coronavirus dip of mid-March BNB is trading at $268 and has increased by a factor of 42x since...

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