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Sep 20 2022

Why I Picked Binance as My Go-to Crypto Futures Trading Platform?

As a rule of thumb, crypto traders are usually interested in spot trading. While trying to make a profit by trading physical assets is certainly a great option, Binance enables users to pursue derivative investments, which can be much more lucrative than their spot counterparts.

Aug 23 2022

Trading Like a Pro With Binance Futures – 5 Tools to Master

In order to maximize potential returns, Binance offers a number of advanced trading tools to users of its crypto Futures platform. In this article, we will be covering 5 tools that will help you trade like a pro on Binance Futures.

Jul 29 2022

Use Strategy Trading to Automate Binance Futures Buy and Sell Orders

Strategy Trading is a means to trade and autonomously make profits using predetermined buy and sell orders. It uses several detailed parameters to help traders profit on small price fluctuations, and it includes a host of algorithm features like Grid Trading and Volume Participation, amongst others.

Jun 29 2022

What are the Benefits of Trading BUSD-Margined Futures on Binance?

Futures are a type of financial derivatives that oblige parties to buy or sell a specific commodity, asset, or security at a predetermined future date for a set price. Since the financial contract allows investors to make a profit regardless of the way the market prices move, it is not surprising that futures are one of the most popular investment instruments, both in...

May 30 2022

What are the Benefits of Trading on Binance Futures with Multi-Assets Mode?

One of the most interesting and potentially lucrative features of the Binance Futures platform–the so-called Multi-Assets mode–allows traders to share margin across USDT- and BUSD-margined contracts to lower their risk exposure and take advantage of trading fee discounts.

Feb 23 2022

What are the Benefits of Trading on Binance Futures?

Binance Futures lets crypto traders speculate on the future price of more than 100 digital assets with up to 125x leverage and a very competitive fee structure.

Dec 15 2021

Top Crypto News: 12/15 – NEAR Futures Trading Now on Binance

Bitcoin today is trading in the $46,000 price range while Ethereum is trading at $3,677.82. Spelltoken is currently the coin of the moment with a 24-hour price increase of about 19.34%. Here is your crypto news. The entire crypto space is showing bearish tendencies. According to analysts, this is a good time to buy the ‘DIP’. Let’s find out some interesting crypto news...

Jul 30 2021

Mar 12 2021

Binance and Huobi Leads the Bitcoin Futures Market Despite US Restrictions

Binance and Huobi crypto exchanges contribute 2/3 of the Bitcoin futures market volume despite US authorities restricting their services in the country. Although these exchanges do not offer their Futures market...

Oct 29 2020

Binance Futures Suffers Attack on Liquidity of ETH Perpetual Futures, Price Spike Over $550

Another day, another attack. This time it was on ETHUSD Perpetual Futures on Binance's platform. Addressed by Aaron Gong, who happens to be the Vice President [VP] of Futures at Binance, stated that the user...

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