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Sep 25 2022

QUACK Crypto Price Prediction: Is RichQuack Crypto A Profitable Investment?

The crypto market is displaying a bearish performance. Yet, the market is witnessing rising interest in some projects. This article is all about one meme coin based on Binance Smart Chain. Let's see Rich Quack Crypto price prediction and is QUACK a profitable investment? Let's take a look at it in more detail. What...

Sep 08 2022

BNB Chain Introduces Zero-Knowledge Proof Scaling Solution zkBNB

On Wednesday, BNB Chain announced a Layer 2 scaling solution that stands to drastically enhance the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Using zero-knowledge proof technology, zkBNB has been running on a testnet for nearly a week, going online on September 2nd.

Sep 06 2022

Binance Coin (BNB) might EXPLODE after the Merge…Here’s Why

When someone mentions the word "cryptocurrency", we often think of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two biggest cryptos by market cap. However, Binance Coin or BNB is often somewhat ignored, despite being among the major cryptocurrencies. Binance is the biggest exchange by volume traded. Now that the merge is happening soon, can we expect BNB price to rise? In this article, we take a...

Aug 31 2022

The Latest Binance Bridge Review

The importance of interoperability in the blockchain and crypto space cannot be over-emphasized. Also, recent spheres like NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi) further highlight the importance of interoperability in the decentralized tech space. Binance Bridge is designed to foster interoperability between the BNB Chain ecosystem and other top chains in the blockchain sphere. With the bridge, interested persons will be able to easily...

Aug 15 2022

BscScan – What It Is and How It Works

If you've been in the crypto space, Binance has witnessed many changes. Born in 2017, it has since risen to become the largest exchange in the world by trading volume. Then, Binance created its blockchain in 2020. Known as BNB Smart Chain (BSC), this layer 1 chain caters to smart contracts. Today, we talk...

Aug 11 2022

Attackers Wipe Out $3.5M From Crypto Game Dragoma Through Rug Pull Technique

Scamming and hacking activities seem to be skyrocketing within the crypto industry. Even with the increase in innovation and technological application in the crypto space, criminals are also advancing in their operations. They are putting in more confusing and convincing measures to siphon money from their victims without much stress. In recent news, Dragoma, a newly launched Web3 game on Polygon, has been...

Jul 29 2022

PancakeSwap Token Burn Event

Decentralized exchange platform PancakeSwap recently completed yet another token burn event. According to a tweet by PancakeSwap, 6,898,491 $CAKE, which is worth about $23 million, were burned during the event. This article will contain important details of the token burn event, the token burn process, and also access to the proof of burn on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)....

Jul 14 2022

Era7: Game of Truth – A Review

Last year saw a huge influx of blockchain games and blockchain gaming enthusiasts. Since then, the blockchain gaming ecosystem has continued to grow exponentially, further attracting the attention of enthusiasts worldwide. Play-to-earn (P2E) games also seem to be the order of the day as they provide players with the opportunity to earn rewards while playing games. Era7: Game of Truth is one such...

Jun 28 2022

Did Hacktivist Group Anonymous Target Terra’s Do Kwon? Or Is It An Affinity Scam?

A new Anonymous video surfaced and it points its finger at the infamous Do Kwon. The Terra/ UST/ LUNA collapse is the gift that keeps on giving, the story just refuses to die. And, as it usually happens with everything Terra- related, things might not be as it seems. Anyone can be Anonymous, it’s a decentralized and open hacktivist group. That being said, the...

Jun 07 2022

How To Use The Alpaca Finance Platform

Alpaca Finance is one of the largest lending protocols that offer leveraged yield farming on the BNB Chain and Fantom network. Lenders can deposit assets into the protocol and borrowers can take undercollateralized loans to open leverage farming positions to maximize their profits. The platform...

May 20 2022

Top 3 BNB Chain Projects To Invest In

The cryptocurrency market is full of opportunities and setbacks. This post is all about the top 3 BNB Chain projects that could be profitable. The market is displaying poor performance but this could be the right time to invest in some good assets. Let's take a look at it in more detail. According to Binance, the...

May 07 2022

Twitter Receives $7.2B in Equity Commitments from Binance and 17 Other Investors

On May 4, Elon Musk, being the sole owner of Twitter after his $44 billion acquisition, filed an amendment to Schedule 13D under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. According to this...

Apr 04 2022

Why PancakeSwap (CAKE) Price Is Skyrocketing? CAKE Price Up By 40% In March

DeFi exchange PancakeSwap's CAKE token surged in value last month on support from increased trading volumes and a steady token burn rate. The exchange had shot into the spotlight in March after Binance officially integrated...

Mar 25 2022

Just-In: Coinbase Integrates With Top BSC DeFi Protocol Venus (XVS)

Coinbase's standalone self-custody crypto wallet, Coinbase Wallet, has been onboarding multiple DApps since its launch last year. Its latest addition is Venus Protocol, a BNB Smart...

Mar 15 2022

PancakeSwap Partners with ApolloX to Launch Perpetual Trading

PancakeSwap, one of the leading decentralized exchanges (DEXs), has announced the launch of the perpetual trading feature, which will allow its users to approach the crypto markets with greater precision and efficiency.

Mar 11 2022

Chainalysis Makes Blockchain Tracing Tools Public in Light of Sanctions Levied Against Russia

The leading blockchain forensics firm, Chainalysis, has launched new distributed ledger tools designed to identify crypto addresses that have been put on a list of economic sanctions by the United States, European Union, or the United Nations.

Feb 26 2022

BSC Updates | BSC Rebrands to BNB Chain | Feb Week 3

After last week’s activities, there are developments from the BNB Chain ecosystem. To keep readers informed, Altcoin Buzz covers some of the updates from the third week in February. In this week’s article, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) rebrands to BNB Chain. In addition, the new BNB Chain has launched the DeFi League. Let’s take a look at the latest BSC updates....

Feb 21 2022

BNB Chain Updates | BSC Rebrands to BNB Chain | Feb Week 3

After last week’s activities, there are updates from the BNB Chain ecosystem. To keep readers informed, Altcoin Buzz covers some of the updates from the third week in February. In this week’s article, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) rebrands to BNB Chain. Among other updates, BNB Chain announced the launch of the DeFi League. Let’s take a look...

Feb 15 2022

Binance ditches the “Binance” in Binance Smart Chain

Feb 15 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  binance binance smart chain bnb bnb chain bsc

Binance, the world’s largest centralized crypto exchange by trading volume, is removing its name from Binance Smart Chain (BSC), in what appears to be an effort to strike a distance between Binance the exchange and company, and the blockchain ecosystem it created in September 2020. Going forward,...

BNB Chain Unites Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Binance Chain, BNB Now Stands For “Build and Build”

On Tuesday, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange announced it is rebranding its flagship products to reflect recent developments in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space and the growing proliferation of metaverse commerce.

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