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Oct 06 2021

Sep 05 2021

Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa Set To Test Cross-Border CBDC

CBDC, also central bank digital currency, is a digital token issued by a country. Many governments and central banks around the world are exploring the use of CBDCs. Even though they mostly remain in the hypothetical stage. However, more than 80% of central banks are looking at digital currencies. The Reserve Bank of Australia...

Jul 12 2021

World Bank, IMF Advocate For CBDC Adoption At G20

Jul 12 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bis cbdc imf world bank

On Friday, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank argued for the cross-border benefits of central bank-issued digital currencies (CBDC), claiming that projects like the United States' digital dollar would aid global development. World Bank And IMF Support CBDC Together with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the two global organisations...

Jul 09 2021

Jun 10 2021

French and Swiss Central Banks to Test Cross-Border CBDC Payments

Many private tech and financial players are also involved in the project.

Mar 31 2021

BIS Says CBDCs Will Raise the Competition Bar In Payments Industry

Mar 31 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news bis bitcoin news btcbrl btcbusd

Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the top governing institution owned by global central banks, shares its views on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and how they can raise the competition bar in the digital payments market. In a report accessed by The Globe and Mail on Wednesday, March 31st, BIS said that the inclusion of The post BIS Says CBDCs Will Raise the...

Mar 27 2021

Japan’s Central Bank to Start CBDC Feasibility Tests Next Month Onwards

As the CBDC developments catch pace worldwide, the Bank of Japan is making its own moves. On Friday, March 26, the Japanese central bank said that it will start the feasibility study and test of its own CBDC - Digital Yen...

Jan 28 2021

67% of Central Banks are Studying CBDCs: BIS Survey

A few monetary regulators have entered the pilot programs with digital fiats.

Jan 27 2021

BIS Chief Blasts Bitcoin’s Viability, Prompting Blowback From Advocates

Jan 27 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  agustín carstens bis bitcoin news people

Bitcoin maximalists cried foul at the central banker's prognostications.

BIS: CBDC Research Gaining Steam but Widespread Issuance Years Away

Jan 27 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bis cbdc central bank news

Central banks remained adamant cryptocurrency does not factor into their CBDC calculus.

Jan 22 2021

BIS Plans Platform for Testing Central Bank Digital Currencies in Cross-Border Payments

Jan 22 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bis cbdcs central banks coinflash news

The new platform was announced as part of the BIS Innovation Hub's priorities and programs for 2021.

Dec 30 2020

CBDCs: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Almost 50 monetary authorities and central banks are researching and developing wholesale or retail CBDCs. What does 2021 hold in store?

Dec 03 2020

Swiss Wholesale CBDC Trial Shows ‘Feasibility’ for Central Bank Money on Distributed Ledger, BIS Says

Dec 03 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bis cbdcs dlt news swiss national bank

A Swiss experiment on how central bank money can be linked to markets built on distributed ledger technology (DLT) yielded positive results.

BIS Announces Successful Testing of CBDC Project Helvetia with SNB and SIX

The new project enables integration between tokenised digital assets and central bank money.

Nov 25 2020

BIS Paper Says There’s Potential to Embed Regulation Into Stablecoin Systems

The need to regulate global stablecoins like Libra doesn't mean authorities can't embrace innovation, according to according to a BIS working paper.

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