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Apr 29 2022

Bitcoin Price falls below 40k, time to Buy BTC?

Bitcoin price was seen consolidating around $40,000 for quite a while now. Instead of continuing an uptrend, BTC broke its uptrend only to hover around its psychological price. Many investors started to feel wary about investing in...

Feb 25 2022

Crypto Comeback! Bitcoin up by more than 10%, Buy Bitcoin NOW?

After a severe crash in prices, the crypto market managed to recover. Most technical traders managed to perfectly set up their trades as most cryptos reached their respective strong support levels....

Jan 29 2022

$BTC Price reaches Strong Resistance – Will a Bitcoin 40K Price Happen?

The Bitcoin price has stabilized slightly in the last few days and could rise more strongly if it breaks above $38,000. But if Bitcoin cannot break through the resistance, there is a risk of another sharp drop lower. What does the near future of the Bitcoin price look like? Let's assess...

Jan 09 2022

Bitcoin Price Prediction – LAST Chance to Buy Bitcoin around 40K?

Bitcoin prices fell from a high of USD 69,000 all the way to a current price just above USD 40,000. This 40% decline within 2 months definitely took a toll on crypto investors. The ones who opened positions higher than a Bitcoin 40K price are currently in the red. On the other hand, Bitcoin's technical formation is showing a sign of a potential...

Jun 14 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction – Bitcoin breaches 40K, but will it Drop Back?

The crypto rollercoaster is back, especially that Bitcoin prices reached USD 40,000 and breached it slightly higher. Crypto traders were waiting for this specific price action. In fact, those guys are swing trading BTC prices between 30K and 40K and making good...

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