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Aug 04 2022

Simplifying Bitcoin Addresses Using DNS

DNS might be disregarded as old technology, but it could provide greater address functionality and ease of verification.This is an opinion editorial by Mark Jeftovic, cofounder and CEO of easyDNS Technologies Inc. and author of “Managing Mission Critical Domains and DNS.”From the moment I discovered Bitcoin back in 2013, I knew there would eventually have to be a way to reference...

Jul 01 2022

Reusing Bitcoin Addresses Can Lead To Private Keys Being Stolen

Only using Bitcoin addresses one time is best practice. By using addresses more than once, users give up information that can result in negative outcomes.Listen To This Episode:Apple...

Mar 01 2022

New ATH for Bitcoin Address HODLERS! Crypto EXPLOSION soon?

The number of people holding a Bitcoin address with holdings above 0 hit an all-time high in February 2022. These addresses have risen sharply since the beginning of the year. Could this insight be another crucial sign of a possible Bitcoin bull market? Well, let's assess and look...

Feb 15 2022

As Ukrainian Resistance Groups Raise Bitcoin Funds, Improved Privacy Is Becoming Critical

Organizations meant to help Ukraine resist occupation by Russia are raising significant amounts of bitcoin donations. But they need to do so more privately.Amid rising tensions between Ukrainian and Russian military forces, Elliptic, a blockchain analysis company,...

Mar 02 2021

How Do Bitcoin Transactions Work?

Bitcoin transactions are designed to be publicly searchable, programmatically confirmed by miners and immutable once embedded on the blockchain. BTC transactions contain three pieces of essential data: the amount being transacted, an input (the addresses where the...

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