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Nov 26 2020

Bitcoin Black Friday Is Back On November 27!

Bitcoin Black Friday is coming back for 2020 with over 200 merchants and over 250 product deals! Bitcoin Black Friday has returned this year with 350 deal listings from over 300 companies to date, and even more deals are going live to celebrate Bitcoin Black Friday (November 27) through Cypher Monday...

Nov 25 2020

Celebrate Bitcoin Black Friday, Propel The Bitcoin Circular Economy

Bitcoin Black Friday was started by Jon Holmquist in 2012 as a way to co-opt a mainstream celebration of consumerism and help Bitcoiners promote their favorite technology. By encouraging merchants to offer discounts on their goods and services when shoppers paid with BTC, the holiday became a showcase for Bitcoin as a payments system, a tool to encourage more businesses to adopt it...

Nov 21 2020

Black Friday 2020 | Is It the Perfect Time for Crypto Owners?

Black Friday is an informal holiday observed on the 4th Friday of November. As it is a time close to the winter holidays, Black Friday is also a perfect time of intense shopping for the big Christmas holiday. During this period, stores offer promotional sales to customers as shopping for groceries and other holiday-related items […] The post Black...

Nov 11 2020

Here’s A Chance To HODL 1 BTC With Bitcoin Black Friday

This is a promoted article provided by Bitcoin Black Friday. Join the waitlist for the Fold Bitcoin rewards cardIf you are already on the waitlist, refer friends to join Bitcoin Black Friday has partnered with Fold to give away an entire bitcoin (yes, 100,000,000 sats) to one winner who opts into the Bitcoin circular economy between now and November 27 (Black Friday). ...

Sep 04 2020

The Top 5 Products That Every Bitcoiner Needs

In 2012, Bitcoin Black Friday was launched as a way for Bitcoiners to hack the mainstream consumerism holiday and promote their favorite technology as a killer tool for payments and encourage merchant adoption. Thousands of merchants have participated by offering discounts for customers who pay in BTC, but the celebration fizzled in 2017 as the Bitcoin community became embroiled in debates over block...

Aug 04 2020

Bitcoin Black Friday 2020 Will Host Major Discounts For BTC Payments

Before Bitcoin was a movement, it was a digital currency. While the store-of- value aspect of Bitcoin gets highlighted often, the permissionless payments side often doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. In 2012, Jon Holmquist embraced the Black Friday holiday in order to help Bitcoiners showcase the advantages of their favorite technology, launching BitcoinBlackFriday.com and hacking a mainstream cultural moment...

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