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May 11 2022

Bitcoin City Layout Unveiled: Will Crypto Metropolis Help El Salvador’s Ailing Economy?

President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele, one of the most famous Bitcoin proponents, is elevating the cryptocurrency to a grand level. He is building a Bitcoin city. Bukele stated that the country's ambitious crypto metropolis is progressing splendidly and would be the first bitcoin trading hub fueled by geothermal energy from a volcano. Bukele published images of a scale model of the crypto-powered...

May 10 2022

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele Released Model Of Bitcoin City

After announcing the purchase of an additional 500 BTC for El Salvador’s balance sheet, the president released images of Bitcoin City.El Salvador President Nayib Bukele released models showcasing Bitcoin City. The models include a volcano overlook, featuring a bitcoin centerpiece within the city.The previously announced Bitcoin Bonds are meant to fund the infrastructure for the city....

Mar 11 2022

El Salvador Pegs Bitcoin Sovereign Bond Launch Between March 15-20

El Salvador's finance minister, Alejandro Zelaya, stated on Friday that the Central American country is looking for the ideal time to introduce a bitcoin- backed bond, which might happen between March 15 and 20, depending on the outcome of the Ukraine conflict. El Salvador Bitcoin Bond To Fund Bitcoin City President Nayib Bukele plans to issue his country's first-ever $1 billion bitcoin-backed bond this...

Feb 18 2022

How Loaded Is The WSJ’s Latest Article On El Salvador’s Bitcoin Adoption? VERY

The WSJ proves once again that the Bitcoin Law in El Salvador is still the story of the century. Their latest article about it is… a little one-sided. The WSJ and other legacy publications are losing their minds. The press could focus on the legitimate criticism that President Bukele’s government gets, but no, they have to mix it with saltines, bitcoin clichés, and...

Feb 05 2022

Is Volcano Energy Really The Best Fit For El Salvador’s Bitcoin City?

While a plan to leverage “volcano energy” is great marketing for El Salvador’s planned Bitcoin City, on its own, it might not be the best source....

Jan 04 2022

Nov 27 2021

News From El Salvador, Late November: Post Bitcoin Week Report

Time to check back with El Salvador. During Bitcoin Week, it was so hectic down there that we didn’t know where to start. Everybody in the Bitcoin space visited San Salvador and El Zonte. The highlight was that President Bukele announced the project to build Bitcoin City...

Nov 22 2021

El Salvador To Build The First Bitcoin City Using Tokenized Bitcoin Bonds

El Salvador seems to be looking to a future fully integrated with bitcoin. The country which had made history in September as the first sovereign nation to make bitcoin a legal tender has taken another step forward in its adoption of the cryptocurrency. After investing millions of dollars into BTC, El Salvador has announced the next phase of adoption of the digital asset....

Nov 21 2021

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