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Sep 20 2022

Don’t Sleep On The Next Generation Of Bitcoin Developers

Daniela Brozzoni has been working on the Bitcoin Dev Kit to offer a wider variety of options for generating addresses and sending money to bitcoin users.Watch This Episode On YouTube.Listen To The Episode Here:...

Aug 03 2022

Foundry Digital Donates 1 BTC To Developer Working On Bitcoin Mining Pools

The developer will work on a sub-protocol of Stratum V2, a communications protocol meant to improve miner collaboration, increasing the global hash rate.Foundry Digital has donated 1 BTC to a pseudonymous open-source developer – 4ss0.The developer is working on Stratum V2, a communication protocol for miners and mining pools.Specifically, the developer will improve the decentralization...

Jul 21 2022

Non-Profit ₿trust Is Funding New Bitcoin Developers In Africa

₿trust has located the founding member for its new cohort designed to locate and educate new developers in the Bitcoin ecosystem, beginning with Africa.₿trust is locating, educating and paying new Bitcoin developers in Africa to decentralize contributors around the world. The non-profit has identified its founding member who will focus on custody solutions empowering Africans to hold their own...

Jan 12 2022

Jack Dorsey To Launch A Legal Defense Fund For Bitcoin Developers

The initiative seeks to minimize legal headaches that discourage software developers from actively contributing to Bitcoin.Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Block and ex-CEO of Twitter, has proposed creating a nonprofit organization to protect the rights and interests of open-source Bitcoin developers, who are often subject to “litigation” and “threats.”Dorsey explained in an...

Sep 23 2021

BitMEX Announces Two New Grants To Bitcoin Developers

The bitcoin exchange will support the work of Rene Pickhardt and Chris Coverdale with $33,333 each over the next eight months.Bitcoin trading platform BitMEX announced two new open-source Bitcoin developer grants to Rene Pickhardt and Chris Coverdale, marking the end of the company’s 2021 grant program. Rene and Chris have each...

Sep 15 2021

Senegalese Bitcoin Developer: Bitcoin Is A Weapon To Fight Oppression

Fodé Diop explains why Bitcoin and Lightning have the power to end monetary colonialism in the developing world.Fodé Diop, a Bitcoin and Lightning developer from Senegal, has recently shared his thoughts on why Bitcoin is so important to billions of people worldwide that are still victims of monetary colonialism. The developer highlighted the central role that Bitcoin's open- source technology could play in...

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