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May 10 2022

Ukraine Government Launches New Crypto Fundraising Platform

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, president of Ukraine, announced on Monday that it launched a new fundraising platform named United24, accepting donations in more than 100 cryptocurrencies.

Apr 19 2022

Irish Political Parties to Be Banned from Accepting Crypto Donations

Political parties in Ireland will be banned from accepting financial donations through cryptocurrencies under a new set of rules that are being drafted.

Apr 13 2022

Wiki Community Votes against Accepting Crypto Donations

The Wiki Community has voted against accepting cryptocurrency donations and unveiled at least three reasons to take such a decision.

Mar 16 2022

Canada Has Frozen And Seized Bitcoin Donations To “Freedom Convoy”

Last month, the world had shifted its focus towards Canada as the Truckers’ protests raged on. In a bid to stop the protests dead in its tracks, the Canadian government had chosen to remove the financial support for these protesters by blocking their accounts. Supporters and donors had then responded to this by turning towards bitcoin donations. The Canadian government had begun working...

Feb 25 2022

Feb 10 2022

Bitcoin Donations Are Aiding Ukraine In Fight Against Russia

Bitcoin is helping to fund the Ukrainian fight against Russia. The conflict that has been on for a while has continued to rage on. This has led to a higher need for funds to aid in the fight. Volunteer organizations that provide the Ukrainian military with weapons and medical supplies have turned to crypto donations to keep the boat afloat, most especially bitcoin....

Jun 18 2021

Republican Congressional Committee to Accept Cryptocurrency Donations

Bitpay has been tapped by the NRCC as the crypto payment gateway to accept the contributions.

Feb 10 2021

Bitcoin Developer Fund Brink Is Granted Tax-Exempt Status

U.S. bitcoiners can now make tax-exempt donations to fund Bitcoin development.

Jan 25 2021

Bitcoin Donations to Navalny Surge After Russian Opposition Leader Is Jailed

Putin's opponent received 3.7 bitcoin in the last week, tripling the amount raised in the first two weeks of 2021.

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