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Jun 18 2022

14 Members Of The US Congress School EPA On Bitcoin Mining And Green Energy

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA keeps receiving mail. This time, 14 members of Congress provided the counterpoint and singled out the environmental benefits of bitcoin mining. They also made a point about how crucial this industry is, and the damage the USA would inflict on itself by banning it. Plus, they schooled the EPA on the amount of renewable source- based energy already...

May 28 2022

ESG Study: Methane-Fueled Bitcoin Mining Can Eliminate 5.32% Of Global Emissions

It’s all about methane. Finally, an ESG analyst takes a look at the data and gives bitcoin mining the praise it deserves. In the paper “Quantifying the Potential Impact of Bitcoin Mining on Global Methane Emissions,”...

Mar 30 2022

Ripple & Greenpeace Join Forces For Ridiculous Campaign To Change Bitcoin To PoS

Who’s Chris Larsen trying to fool? Even though the Chairman of Ripple claims that “the company is not involved in this campaign,” their latest PR stunt is as obvious as it gets. Another million-dollar attack on bitcoin, once again using the ESG angle and a set of...

Jan 20 2022

What U.S. Lawmakers Need To Know About Proof-Of-Work Mining’s Energy Consumption

Today, Proof-Of-Work mining’s environmental impact is the topic at hand in the U.S. Congress. The House Energy and Commerce Committee is probably debating the subject right this minute. Will they use sources from both sides of the debate or will they rely on the sensationalist reports that have the world up in arms? Can we trust the U.S. lawmakers to do their due...

Nov 10 2021

Swedish Regulators Propose PoW Mining Ban. State-Owned Power Company Defends It

In Sweden, financial and environmental regulators want to ban PoW mining. Unfortunately, they forgot to add Vattenfall to the email. And Sweden’s biggest green energy power company categorically rejected their claims on national public television. Ouch. This is a real-life example of the game theory that protects Bitcoin. And more evidence that proves that...

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